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19 Creative Call Center Contest Names

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Call Center or customer support work can be repetitive. Call center employees regularly deal with:

  • A high volume of support requests

  • Disgruntled customers

  • And, extreme pressure to deliver good customer service

With all this going, it is often challenging to keep their motivation and engagement levels high. But you can solve this problem by running some engaging contests on the support floor. Contests are a great way to gamify daily activities and important metrics. This helps your support reps to stay focused, motivated, engaged, and productive at work.

You would have already put in hours into call center contest ideas. The next step is to give a catchy name for your contest.

Below is an extensive list of some of the creative and cool call center contest names you can choose from:

1. < Call Center name > Olympics: Focus this contest around improving various metrics like average handle time (AHT), first call resolution (FCR), positive feedbacks, etc. You can create an Olympics competition around each KPI and run it for a certain period of time (according to your requirement). Then, award gold, silver, and bronze medals to the agents who perform well in a KPI.

2. Race Day: Run this competition on a day when you are dealing with a high volume of support requests. Like Black Friday, Boxing day, Diwali Sale, etc. Encourage your agents to receive more calls on that day. And, at the end of the day, reward the agent who answers the highest number of calls.

3. Daily Perks: This is one of the simplest contests that you can run on a daily basis. Every day pick one KPI and run the contest around it. Choose the KPIs which you can measure quickly so that you can reward the winners by the end of their shift. Here are some KPIs you can choose for this contest:

  • Number of calls attended per day

  • Number of first call resolutions for the day

  • Quickest response time for the day

  • Or the Highest number of positive responses that an agent has scored in a day

Then, at the end of the day, give a special prize to the agent who performs best.

4. Flash Friday contest: Beat the Friday blues with this contest. On Fridays, usually, your people might be in a hurry to wrap up their work soon and start their weekend early. If you are experiencing a huge volume of support requests on a particular Friday– run this contest to encourage your agents to work extra time. Present special prizes to all the agents who work overtime.

5. Bonus Bucks/ Time is money: During certain seasons like Christmas, Thanksgiving, New Year, or Diwali– you might experience a huge flow of support requests. Run this contest during those busy seasons and encourage your agents to put in extra hours of work regularly. Reward huge cash bonuses to all the agents who consistently work overtime during the contest period.

6. CX Champions League: Run this as a monthly competition. At the end of each month, reward the agent who earns the highest number of positive feedbacks from the customers.

7. Personal Best: Customers calling back to appreciate the agents for their great service is rear. But when this happens, make sure that you reward all the agents who get the appreciation calls with exciting prizes.

8. Peculiar Peacemakers: Run this as a quarterly contest and reward all the agents who have done an excellent job in calming down the aggressive customers and turned them into happy customers.

9. Delivering “WOW”: Run this competition every month. At the end of each month reward all the agents who receive some exceptionally excellent appreciation messages from the customers.

10. The Rockstar Rookie: This contest is for your new hire agents. Run this contest during the first month of their job and set some KPIs for them to achieve. Here are some example KPIs you could choose for this contest:

  • CSAT (customer satisfaction score)

  • Average handle time

  • Number of positive customer feedbacks etc

At the end of the month, declare the top 3 new hires who score the highest in the KPIs as the winners.

11. Say “YES” to quality: Run this contest every week and focus it on improving the quality of customer service. This contest revolves around this one question that the customers get to answer after talking to an agent:

“Was this agent helpful to you?”

  • Yes

  • No

The agent who gets the maximum number of “Yeses” wins the competition.

12. Goal in one: Run this contest every week with a focus on improving FCS (First call resolution). Reward the top three reps who resolve the maximum number of customer queries in the first contact itself.

13. Above & beyond service: This contest encourages your agents to go above and beyond to help the customers. At the end of the contest period, reward all the agents who went out of their way to help a customer.

14. Shorten the Hold: Conduct this contest and encourage your agents to keep a shorter hold time during the calls. At the end of each week, reward all the agents who maintained an average hold time less than 2 minutes.

15. Follow-Up Drive: This contest encourages your agents to keep in touch/ follow-up with the customers whose support requests are not resolved yet.

16. Fastest fingers first: This contest encourages the chat support agents to improve their average handle time (AHT)

17. Acing ACW: This contest encourages your agents to quickly finish theirs after call work (ACW).

18. Revolutionary Resolvers: Run this as a quarterly contest and reward the agents who have resolved some of the most difficult customer queries or support requests, quickly and tactfully.

19. Minimal Transfers: One thing about call centers that agitates most of the customers is– their call getting transferred too many times. Run this contest and encourage your agents to not transfer the customer’s call for more than 3 times.

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How will you communicate your contest to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Searching for free themes for your contest?

Select from ready-made themes like NFL, Olympics and more. Select KPIs, get engaging team names, team logos, and banners to drive a contest that your participants will remember - Contest Theme Generator

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Published on Sat Jul 11 2020

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