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23 Sales Contest Names for Insurance

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Some days it’s hard to find motivation…….Some days motivation finds you!

Every word of this phrase stands true for insurance agents.

Being an insurance agent is not easy. Mostly, insurance is expensive. And, clients can’t see it, touch it, or hold it.

So, insurance agents have to basically sell:

  • Their ideas

  • Their Trust

  • And, their promises

In order to provide a high-quality service to the customer, insurance agents need to always stay motivated to do a good job. An innovative way to drive this motivation is by conducting engaging gamified sales contests.
You would have already put in hours to select the Insurance Sales Contests. The next step is to give a catchy name for your contest.

Here are some interesting names that you can choose from:

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General Insurance Contests

1. The Meeting Blitz: Conduct this contest and encourage your insurance agents to book meetings with as many potential leads as they can within 2 hours.

2. The Referrals Express: Encourage your agents to reach out to as many clients as they can and try to get referrals from them.

3. The Pursuit of Premium: Run this contest to encourage all your agents to reach out to customers who haven’t paid their premium on-time and remind them about it. Agents who successfully get more number of customers to pay their premium, win this contest.

4. Quality is the Best Policy: This contest encourages your agents to go above and beyond to provide quality service to the customers. In today’s world, customers expect insurance agents to do more than just sales. They expect them to be true advisors and consultants who provide great value for their investment. So, run this as a quarterly or yearly contest and reward agents who get excellent feedback from the customers.

5. The Revival Force: The aim of this competition is to get the insurance agents to reinstate the lapsed policies.

6. Strikeout the competition: Run this as a quarterly or yearly contest where the agents get rewarded every time they convince a prospect to select your product, rather than your competitor’s product.

7. Cover em up with Happiness: Run this contest in a particular territory and encourage your agents to fill up the pipeline with as many leads as they can.

8. Retention Squad: Certain policyholders might decide to discontinue their policy before it’s maturity age. This contest encourages the agents to get in touch with those customers and convince them to continue the policy. Whoever succeeds in convincing more number of customers, wins this competition.

9. Weekend Warriors: Weekends are when most customers are available. Insurance agents should utilize this opportunity to book meetings and close deals. Run this contest and encourage your agents to actively sell during the weekends and get insurance applications from the customers. The agent who successfully gets more number of customer applications over a weekend will be the winner.

10. Insurance A-Z: Conduct this competition to increase the sales of all types of insurance products for a particular quarter.

Life Insurance Contests

11. Guarantee the “IF’s” in life: Run this contest for one day and encourage your agents to bring in as many life insurance prospects as they can.

12. Protectors of life’s downs: Use this contest when you want to increase the number of life insurance products sold for a particular quarter.

13. Life Insured: Encourage your agents to meet a particular sales revenue target by selling life insurance policies.

Medical Insurance Contests

14. Health-(Insurance) is wealth: Increase the sales of health insurance policies.

15. Guardians of Galaxy: The name of this contest is inspired from the famous Marvel movie “Guardians of Galaxy”. Run this competition and encourage your agents to drive up the sales of medical insurance.

Automobile Insurance Contests

16. Insuring Every Ride: Use this contest to drive up the sales of various motor insurance policies in a quarter.

17. Fuel the Happy Rides: This contest focuses on getting the agents to fill up the sales pipeline with more number of automobile insurance prospects.

18. The Auto carers: With this contest, march your agents to meet a particular sales revenue target by selling automobile insurance policies

19. The Vroom Vroom Contest: Conduct this contest to increase the sales of car insurance

20. The Two-Wheeler Dealers: Drive up the sales of the two-wheeler insurance policies with this contest

Contest for Fire Insurance

21. The firefighters: Drive the sales of fire insurance policies. It can be on the total premium or number of policies sold

Contest for Home Insurance

22. Home Sweet Home: Contest to increase the number of home insurance policies sold

Contest for Hole-in-one Insurance

23. Drive for Hole in One (day): Run this contest for one day and encourage your agents to drive up the sales of the “Hole-in-one” insurance.

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How will you communicate your contest to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Searching for free themes for your contest?

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Published on Mon Jun 29 2020

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