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5 Ways to make Compliance Training Fun and Engaging

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Imagine-you are a compliance trainer working in a highly regulated industry. You have an annual training calendar and you roll out compliance trainings regularly. There are several topics to cover and it is always a challenge to create something that the learners want to actually complete. Through traditional training methods, it is difficult to achieve employee’s interest and engagement in the training.

In our discussions with customers who use SmartWinnr for compliance training, the following challenges come up recurrently:

  • Once-in-a-year training : Many organisations often train their employees on regulations and compliances once in a year. This makes it difficult for them to remember everything and apply in their jobs

  • Disinterested employees : Often associates fail to relate compliance training to their day-to-day job. As a result they lose interest in the training and try to complete it as quickly as possible without understanding much of it.

  • Ever changing regulations : The compliances and regulations in any industry are constantly changing which results in training overload for the employees.

  • Focus on completion, instead of retention : Both the management of an organisation and the employees focus on completion of the compliance training instead of retention.

So how can you build a winning compliance culture in your organization? Here are some of the ways to bring right compliance knowledge for every employee in your organisation.

5-point-infographics-compliance training

1. Divide the training into small chunks

In many organizational trainings, trainers try to complete the entire course within a fixed period of time. This is because of the pre-set training time allotted to complete it. After such fast paced training, the employees will only be able to remember a fraction of what they have learnt.

“64% of knowledge learnt during a training session is lost within 9 hours of it”.

This is where Spaced Learning can be used along with Micro-learning to create a compelling structure. Break down the complex content into smaller pieces. Use twitter like feeds to convey your message. Share this information at regular intervals. Ask 2 or 3 questions in between to help them recall the information. This combination will help learners to retain the knowledge. For example: Take a session on ‘AML - Anti Money Laundering’. It can be divided into the following pieces:

  • What is AML?

  • AML Operating Structure

  • Regulatory Reports

  • Monitoring Transactions

Trainers should create short snippets covering each of these aspects and send to learners as a post-training reinforcement.

2. Make it relevant: Real-life Scenarios

It is important for participants to know that what they are learning is important and relevant for them. They wouldn’t show interest in learning something that they cannot relate to. Hence it is very important to customize the training according to the employee’s position and role.

Use role filter so that an employees can see only the compliance trainings that are relevant for them. Furthermore using real life scenarios and examples will help in engaging the learners in the training.

3. Make it interactive and lively

A human brain can capture visuals faster than textual information. Studies reveal that the brain processes visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Furthermore powerpoint decks with a lot of bullet points kill the enthusiasm of participants. A way to keep them engaged and motivated is to add visuals like infographics and videos to your training.

Infographic is a combination of ‘information’ and ‘graphics’. These are visual representations of information intended to be presented quickly and clearly. Today’s learners are more accustomed to watching short videos on their social media sites. Watching videos created on AML or any such topic, helps them to consume content in a similar way. These elements could garner learner’s interest and keep them engaged.

4. Gamify the learning experience

Integrate gamification elements like badges, leaderboards and competitions into your compliance training. It transforms the compliance learning into a fun and rewarding activity. Organizations that have incorporated gamification in their compliance training, saw a 60% boost in the completion rate.

Furthermore, create quizzes, puzzles, “what would you do?” exercises, and other aspects that require learner’s interaction and active participation in the course. Also creating activities that highlight the application of information, ensures retention of knowledge in employees.

5. Create a Winning Compliance Culture

It is important that the senior management of the organization realise the importance of the compliance training as it drives behavioural change in the organization. It trains the employees on what to do and what not to do while performing their job. It is crucial that the management communicates the same with their employees rather than just conducting the training for the sake of conducting it.

Attitude towards the mandatory compliance training is cultural. So if the management are seen to be fired up and motivated about learning, then that attitude trickles down into the rest of the organisation. A good compliance training can prevent violation of laws and regulatory norms that govern an organization. The instructional designers should create the compliance course in such a way that it feels personalised and engaging for the learners. By following the above mentioned steps it is possible to make the compliance training fun for the learners and increase learning effectiveness.

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Published on Thu Sep 27 2018

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