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Contest Names for the Medical Devices Industry

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A day in the life of a medical sales representative can be long and challenging. But also incredibly rewarding.

It takes a great deal of effort from salespeople to:

  • Book meetings with the HCPs

  • Cope with the ever-changing customers’ needs

  • Be well versed with their products, services, policies, etc

  • Be up-to-date with the latest advancements

To keep up with all this, they need to be resilient, persistent, and motivated each and every day.

Sales contests make for a fun and innovative way to continuously:

  • Motivate your reps

  • Improve their knowledge and skills

You would have already put in hours to select the Medical device Sales Contests for your team. The next step is to give a catchy name for your contest.
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Here is a list of cool, creative, and catchy sales contest names for the medical devices industry.

Contests to Train your Salespeople

1. Contest Alley: Conduct a quiz contest every week to improve knowledge of products and other related areas.

2. Pitch Perfect: Conduct a video coaching contest once every month. Pick one product each month. Ask your reps to give a demo of that product - either on its features and benefits or on setup and installation. Whoever delivers the most effective sales pitch wins the competition.

3. Grey’s Anatomy: This contest is named after the famous TV show “Grey’s Anatomy”. Run this quiz contest once every month. Focus it around building a fluent knowledge of human anatomy and physiology amongst your salespeople.

4. Storytelling Contest: Sales and storytelling is a powerful combination. Rather than listing all the features and benefits of a product-- it is more effective if the salesperson tells a success story to the HCP. Conduct a video coaching contest and encourage your sales reps to pitch a product by telling an effective story about it. The rep who delivers the most interesting, relatable, and engaging story, wins the competition.

Contests to Drive Revenue Targets and KPIs

5. Meeting Blitz: Conduct this contest on Monday, every week. Encourage your sales reps to book as many meetings as they can with the HCPs for the entire week. Reward the rep who succeeds in booking more meetings than the rest.

6. Wall of Fame: Create a “Virtual Wall of Fame” for this contest on your company’s website or app. Run this as a quarterly contest for your sales reps across the geographies. Encourage them to increase the sales of all the products throughout the quarter. By the end of the contest, select the top 10 reps who performed exceptionally well. Put up their pictures on the “wall of fame” along with their names and designations.

7. Formula 1 Revenue Race: Run this as a quarterly contest between your sales teams in various territories. March them to hit or exceed the quarterly revenue target. Establish a “Formula 1” themed leaderboard to track the progress of the contest. The first team to achieve the quarterly revenue target wins the contest.

8. Sales Booster: Run this as a weekly or monthly contest and encourage your sales reps to boost the sales of the disposable medical products (in terms of the number of products sold).

9. < New product name > Sales Championship: Conduct this contest when you have just launched a new product into the market. Motivate your sales teams across various territories to increase the sales of the new product. By the end of the contest, the team that sells more units of the new product wins the competition.

10. Big Kahuna: Within your industry, you must be having some key accounts who you’d love to have as clients. Run this as a yearly contest and motivate your reps to close deals with those key accounts. By the end of the year, reward everyone who successfully closed the most wanted customers.

11. Event Craze: Conduct this contest when your reps participate in the medical device conferences/ events/ workshops arranged for the HCPs. Encourage them to try and gain connects from the event. Reward the rep who succeeds in bringing in the highest number of connects.

12. OR Super Heros: Run this as a yearly contest and reward all the reps who have done a great job assisting the surgeons in the operating rooms. Like,

  • Advising and training surgeons on the correct usage of a product
  • Strengthening their relationship with the surgeons etc

13. Kings of Coverage: Run this contest for 6 months. Encourage your sales reps to actively sell and cover most hospitals in a particular territory. Reward huge cash bonuses to the top 3 reps who cover more number of hospitals.

14. Upsell Ninja Win: Focus this contest around getting your reps to upsell or cross-sell to the existing customers. The rep who makes a significant upsell wins the contest.

Contests for your Service Engineers

15. The Great Race: This competition is for your service engineers who visit the hospitals to install or service the medical devices. Run this contest every day and assign a list of hospitals to each one of your service engineers. Encourage them to try and cover all the hospitals on their list by the end of the day. At the end of every month, reward all the reps who have consistently covered all the hospitals on their list every day (with zero to minimum deviation).

16. Feedback Frenzy: Run this as a monthly contest for your service engineers and reward the one who receives the highest number of positive feedbacks from the customers.

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How will you communicate your contest to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Published on Mon Aug 3 2020

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