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Contest Names in the Technology Industry

5 minutes read

Technology is one of the most desirable, fast-paced, and ever-evolving industries out there.

Selling for such an industry is not easy. Tech sales reps have to constantly deal with:

  • Changing customer needs

  • Regular feature requests

  • Ever-evolving technology advancements

  • Constant product updates

How do you keep them motivated to consistently deliver a high-level performance?

Answer: By running interesting and engaging sales contests

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Once you finalize on a contest idea, focus on giving it a catchy name. Here is a list of creative and cool sales contest names you can choose from:

General Tech Sales Contests

1. Freemium Frenzy: Run this contest around getting more customers to signup for the free trial of a product.

2. Upsell and Prosper: Focus this competition around getting your reps to upsell to the existing customers. The rep who makes the most significant up-sell wins the contest.

3. Match Day: Run this contest when you have just launched a new product into the market. Encourage your reps to sell 100 units of the new product on the first day of its launch.

4. League of Legends: Run this as a monthly contest between the teams of various managers. Set a KPI based on which the teams can compete with each other. The KPI could be:

  • Highest sales revenue generated in a month

  • Highest number of products sold per month

  • Or even the single largest transaction in a month

The first team to achieve the KPI target wins the competition

5. Pro <Product name> League/ <Product name> Super League: Is your salesforce spread across various territories? Run this as a quarterly contest between the territories. Motivate your sales staff to increase the sales of a new product. By the end of the quarter, the territory that significantly raises the sales of the new product wins the contest.

6. Subscription Sweeps: Run this contest and march your reps to increase paid subscriptions of a product

7. Slump Buster Contest: Slow times are inevitable in sales. This contest is a great way to spur some activity from your sales team during those slow times. Conduct this contest and challenge your team to contact the old or existing customers and try to sell to them (repeat or upgraded products).

8. Retention Squad: Some contracts are prone to cancellation after a certain period of time. Run this as a quarterly or yearly contest and encourage your reps to focus on retaining customers who are on a renewable contract. The winner will be the rep who retains more customers during the contest period.

9. Make IT Happen: Conduct this contest when you have just a couple of weeks left before the end of a quarter and you want your sales reps to meet a huge quarterly revenue target

10. Close Now, Wine Later: Run this contest for 6 months and motivate your sales reps to close more deals. By the end of the contest, the salesperson who closes the highest number of deals gets to go on a weekend trip to a vineyard with her family.

11. SaaS-y Club: A competition around increasing the sales of software as a service (SaaS) products.

Contests for Generating Leads

12. Pirates of treasured leads: Create this contest around generating as many leads as possible while releasing a new product into the market. Provide your participants with pirate hats and tattoos to create the contest’s theme.

13. Hourly Rush/ Rush Hour: Run this contest every day for an hour and motivate your reps to fill the sales pipeline with as many leads as they can.

14. Most Wanted: Within your industry, you must be having a few big players who you’d love to have as clients. Conduct this contest around that goal. March your reps to contact the “most wanted” prospects and enter them into the sales cycle.

Contests for Training Sales Reps

15. Big Tech Theory: This contest is named after the famous TV series “Big Bang Theory”. Conduct a quiz competition every week to build fluent product knowledge amongst your sales reps. Select the top 3 reps with the highest score in the quiz as winners.

16. Pitch Funny: This makes for a fun contest for your new hire sales reps. Conduct a video coaching contest and ask all your new hires to pitch a product in a fun way. Whoever comes up with the most creative and fun way of pitching the product wins the competition.

17. Selling Bee: The name of this contest is a wordplay around “Spelling Bee”– the famous spelling competition. Conduct a quiz contest every week and focus it around improving your reps’ sales knowledge. Focus the quizzes on topics like:

  • Objection handling techniques

  • Sales methodologies

  • Best Closing techniques etc.

The top 3 reps with the highest score in the quiz win the contest.

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Contest for Service Engineers

18. Ninja Win/ Nerds at work: This contest is for your service engineers who visit the customers to install or service the products. Run this contest every day and encourage your service engineers to visit more customers. By the end of the day, whoever covers more customers than the rest wins the competition.

Once you finalize the name, the next step is to communicate it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce the contest.
Wondering what awards to give to your contest winners? Read our article on creative employee recognition awards.
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Published on Mon Jul 20 2020

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