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COVID-19/Coronavirus Readiness

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The central concern of all the hospitals and healthcare centers across the U.S right now is to prepare their facility and staff for the possible arrival of patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19). If it’s also your top priority to make your healthcare center COVID-19 ready then here is what you need to do.

In order to efficiently encounter this rapidly spreading virus, you need to get two things absolutely right

  1. Gear up your facility
  2. Empower your staff with the right knowledge so that they are capable enough to handle any situation

SmartWinnr is your technology partner to help you automate these activities and establish a structured procedure. Here is how you will be able to make your team and your facility COVID-19 ready by using SmartWinnr.

Facility Readiness

  1. Ensure the preparedness of your facility and staff by creating checklists. Use SmartWinnr to create checklists in a few simple steps, in just a few minutes. With these checklists, you will be able to check
    1. Facility preparedness
    2. Healthcare Professional (HCP) preparedness
    3. Property audit
  2. Our user-friendly mobile app makes it easy for you to audit from any facility, any location, at any time.
  3. Monitor the readiness of your facilities centrally, from a single platform. Identify gaps easily and take corrective actions quickly

Increase Awareness

  1. Increase awareness amongst your staff about COVID-19. Drip Feed important information with regular reinforcement. Share visitor’s protocol, health hygiene, policies and procedures with all your employees. Reach out to contract employees, without a company email id.
  2. Measure your staff’s knowledge and preparedness by posing 5 questions daily on crucial COVID-19 information. Measure their knowledge and identify the gaps with very intuitive quiz reports.

Published on Mon Mar 2 2020

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