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Creative Employee Award Names for the Technology Sector

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Today the technology industry is one of the most fast-paced, desirable, and ever-evolving industries out there. Keeping employees motivated in such an industry is a never-ending and extremely crucial job that sales managers have on their shoulders.

One of the best ways to boost your employees’ motivation is by recognizing and rewarding the efforts and achievements of your top-performers. This helps in,

  • Motivating the employees to continue their good work
  • And inspiring the other employees as well to strive to win those awards

But simple and straightforward awards like “Employee of the year” do not create a great impact. You need to get creative here.

To help you with this, we have listed down some of the most creative employee award names for the tech sector. Check’em out below:

1. You made IT happen: Give this title to that person who has closed the highest number of deals

2. SaaS-Y Club: This title goes to that team which has a good record in the company for successfully selling number of SaaS products

3. The Upsell Expert: This title goes to the person who upsell to the customers

4. Expert Accuracy: Give this award to the person who can give very accurate and informative product demos to the customers

5. Phenomenal Leadership: Give this award to the team lead who has shown extraordinary leadership skills in leading his team during difficult situations

6. Role model of the year: This award goes to that perfect employee from whom everyone should draw inspiration.

7. The IT Samurais: The receivers of this award are the sales warriors who always succeed in winning difficult sales deals

8. The Go-to Guy/ Girl: Give this award to the salesperson who is highly knowledgeable and is the go-to person for all his team members. His peers tend to consult him for advice, help, or to clarify their doubts

9. A huge round of Applaud: Give this award to that sales rep who has succeeded in closing the biggest deal (in terms of money) ever

10. Golden Glory: Give this award to the person who has got a good record of consistently hitting or exceeding her sales targets

11. Pillar of IT: The receiver of this award is the one who has contributed the most towards the success of your IT sales

12. The unsung heros: Give this title to those people who have made small but significant contributions towards the successful sales of your IT products

13. Surpassing Sales Everest: Give this award to that employee who always manages to achieve more than the given sales target

14. Spotlight Award: This award goes to the rep who has garnered the spotlight by closing a very crucial deal for your company

15. Chief Closer: This one goes to the employee who is an expert in closing the toughest of the tough deals

16. The goal-getter: The receiver of this award has a good record of achieving tough goals in no time

17. Subscription Sweeper: Give this award to the person who has successfully brought in a huge number of paid subscriptions for your product

18. Client Comforter: Give this to the service engineer who has consistently provided the first-class service to the customers

19. Client Care Champ: This award is to be given to the customer service engineer who has got the highest number positive feedbacks from the customers

20. Always on-time: Give this award to the service engineer who always arrives at every customers’ location on-time to provide service

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Published on Fri Sep 24 2021

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