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Creative employee award names in Customer Support

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Looking for some creative ways to present awards to your best customer service reps? Gone are those days when people used to get excited to receive the “Best Employee Award” or the “Employee of the month award”. These titles have lost their glory and it’s about time that you come up with some new and creative award names that inspire and excite your employees

In this blog post, we have brought to you a list of 19 creative employee awards which you can proudly present to your best customer service reps

1. Superb Presence: This award goes to the employee who shows a good presence of mind while handling difficult customer calls and resolves customers’ issues instantly

2. The Dumbledore: Give this award to the most experienced customer service rep who not only excels in doing his own work but also helps his peers to excel in their job

3. Best customer centricity: This title identifies those employees who operate with customer-centricity in their minds. Meaning, their service always revolves around their customers’ needs, and preferences.

4. Outstanding Service Record: This one goes to that employee who has a consistent record of providing excellent service to the customers

5. Winner of hearts: This award goes to that person who is an expert in winning the hearts of the customers with his/ her unique way of communicating

6. Mr/ Ms. Reliable: Give this to the employee who is most reliable. You can blindly trust this person to swiftly handle any difficult customer conversation.

7. Blood, Sweat, and Hard Work award: This goes to the most hardworking employees

8. Best FCS record: This goes to the employee who has a good record of solving most of the customers’ problems in the first call itself

9. Excellent CSAT: Give this award to the employee who has maintained a good CSAT score during a specific period of time

10. Customers’ buddy: The receiver of this award is famous for her friendly way of dealing with the customers and she can befriend any customer very easily

11. Customer satisfaction booster: This award should be given to the employee who holds a good record of customer satisfaction

12. The Pacifier: This title goes to the person who is an expert in pacifying aggressive and agitated customers

13. CX Champion: Give this award to that person who always puts in the extra effort to make every customer happy.

14. Valuable Gem: This one goes to the employee who has got excellent experience, knowledge, and skills in providing great customer service

15. The most delightful voice: Give this award to that call center rep who has the most professional, humble, and sweetest way of speaking over the phone

16. Rookie of the month/ quarter/ year: Give this award to that exceptionally talented new hire who outperforms your expectations

17. Best First Impression: This title goes to the new hire who starts performing exceptionally well right from the first day of his/ her job

18. The Extra Mile: Give this to the person who is always happy to go the extra mile in helping the customers

19. Ace of ACW: Give this award to the person who is capable of quickly and efficiently finishing all the after call work

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Published on Sat Sep 18 2021

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