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Creative Employee Recognition Award Names for Insurance

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We all feel nice when our hard work pays off. Receiving an award for that hard work makes us feel recognised and wanted in an organization. An employee receiving an “Employee of the Month” award in front of his/her peers will boost their morale and self-confidence.

Employees with boosted self-confidence will eventually feel good about themselves and their workspace. This, in turn, creates a positive work environment, inspires everyone to work more efficiently and be productive at their work.

In this blog post, we’ve curated some cool, fun and interesting award names for the employees working in the Insurance sector. Check’em out below

Awards for The Top Performer

1. Shoot For The Stars Aim for The Moon: This award goes to the employees who are always aiming for big and want to achieve more

2. The conqueror of premium: Give this award to the employee whose performance is top-notch

3. The chosen one: Award this title to the employee who’s best at customer satisfaction

4. The Gold Chaser: Give this award to the employee who is best at chasing valuable leads

5. Super insurer: Give this award to the employee who is an expert in successfully selling all types of insurance products

6. High Aimer: Give this award to the employees who have the skill of successfully hitting any big sales target

7. Man On the Moon: Give this award to the employee who is extremely talented and gives an outstanding performance.

8. Lord of Premiums: Award this to the employee who has successfully brought the customers who haven’t paid their premium on time to pay it immediately

Awards for The Hard-Working Employees

9. The above and beyond insurer: Give this award to the employees who always go beyond their duty to achieve the goal

10. The Go-Getter: Give this award to the employee who is focused on getting the toughest of the tough tasks done anyhow

11. Ultimate Agent: Award this to that insurance agent who contributes to every success

12. Before Time: Give this award to the employee who finishes their task much before the deadline

13. The Gutsy One: Award this title to the person who operates with patience and courage and is never scared of pursuing big opportunities.

Awards for Good Peer-to-peer collaboration and Team-work

14. League of Best Insurers: Award this title to the team which has set a good example of success and has inspired others by their hard work and dedication.

15. The Ultimate Revival Force: Give this title to the team who are experts in reinstating lapsed policies

16. Champions On The Rescue: Give this award to the team whose excellent teamwork has brought you mind-blowing results

17. Descendants of Alexander: Just like Alexander The Great. This team is strong, wise and knows well what they have to do to something

Awards for Leadership Roles

18. Leader On The Way: This award goes to the manager who always sets a good example for his team to follow

19. The Brain Behind The Win: Give this award to the manager who has extraordinary leadership skills and operates like a true leader pushing agents to achieve more

20. Sailor With No Fear: Give this award to the manager who knows how to handle tricky situations and overcome them

21. Respect Earned: Give this award to the manager who is hugely respected by his team for his knowledge, skills, passion and dedication towards his work.

22. The Hard Working Titan: Give this award to the person who became a manager in a very short period with her hard work and dedication.

23. The One You Can Bet On: This award goes to the manager whose managerial skills are out of the ordinary but produce great results

Awards For Good Knowledge And Expertise

24. Master Of Product: Give this award to the employee who has an amazing knowledge of all your insurance policies

25. The Ultimate Product Champion: Give this award to the employee who is well versed in all the products and the best ways to sell each one of them.

26. Clients Favorite: Give this award to the employee who has amazing customer problem-solving skills and can sell a product with ease.

Awards For New Hires

27. The Budding Hero: This award goes to the most sincere new hires who have grasped a lot of skills quickly during their first month

28. Future Hope: Give this award to the new hires who are promising and have shown sincere interest in the product

29. Quick Learner: Give this award to the new hire who can work at par with the experienced employees in a short time

30. Knowledgeable Beginner: Give this to the new hires who even after being new can take decisions on their own and can produce good results.

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Published on Sat Sep 18 2021

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