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Creative Employee Recognition Award Names in Medical Devices

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Who doesn’t like to be recognised and rewarded for their hard work? Awards play a crucial role in employee engagement and motivation. Whenever an employee performs exceptionally well or proves herself to be valuable for the organisation, it’s essential that you recognise her talent and efforts.

If the hard work and dedication put in by the employees go unnoticed or unrecognised, they will eventually start losing interest and feel that their work is not being appreciated.

Each employee in your organization has their own way of operating and contributing towards the growth of your organization. So, the same kind of awards cannot be presented to everyone. We believe that when an employee is awarded, the award they are receiving should define them.

In this blog post, we’ve curated some cool, fun and engaging award names for employees working in the medical devices sector.

Awards for The Top Performer

1. Always at 120%: Give this award to the employee who’s always charged up, gives her best at work and does not hesitate to take up challenges

2. Hawkeye: Give this award to the employee who never fails to close a deal with their target clients

3. Always Powered Up: Give this award to the employee who has consistently given extraordinary sales performance

4. Starman: Present this award to the employee who has an extraordinary talent of closing sales deals one after the other

5. Issue Handler: Award this title to the employee who is very efficient at solving customer’s problems and improving customer satisfaction

6. The One Who Can Sell Anything: Give this award to the employee who is an expert in selling all types of medical products (Disposables and larger machines)

7. Everest Mover: Give this award to the employees who have the skill of successfully hitting any big sales target

8. Make It Look Easy: Give this award to the employee who is best at closing tough deals

9. OR Heros: This title goes to the employee who has done a good job in assisting many surgeons in using your products in the operating rooms

Awards for Employees’ Good Knowledge and Expertise

10. Brainiac: Present this award to the employee who always finds an innovative way to sell a product

11. Grey’s Anatomy: Give this award to the employee who possesses a fluent knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

12. Great Pitcher: This title goes to the employees who have a unique and interesting way of pitching a product. For example, they can pitch the product features by telling a good customer success story about them

13. Lord of the Product: Give this award to the employee who has amazing product knowledge and product selling skills

14. Ultimate Product Conqueror: Give this award to the employee who is well versed in all the products and their features.

15. Clients’ Go-To Person: Give this award to the employee who has amazing customer problem-solving skills and can sell a product with ease.

Awards for Hard-Working and Dedicated Employees

16. The handler of Storms: Present this title to the person who operates with patience and courage. Is never scared of pursuing big opportunities.

17. The Ultimate Employee: Award this to that medical rep who contributes hugely to your sales success

Awards for Good Peer-to-peer collaboration and Team-work

18. League of Medical Vikings: Present this title to that ideal sales team which has set an example for others to follow.

19. The Ultimate Medical Alliance: This title goes to that team that has a good team bonding and great friendship amongst themselves

20. Can’t Tell Them Nothing: Present this award to the squad who is focused on getting things done anyhow, no matter how big the problem or opportunity is

21. Medical Sales Uplifter Award: Give this award to the team whose excellent teamwork has brought you mind-blowing sales results

22. Guardians of Doctor: This award goes to the team which is an expert in booking meetings with the HCPs

Awards for Leadership Roles

23. Chief Of The Squad: This award goes to the manager who always sets a good example for his team to follow.

24. The Mind Behind The Victory: Present this award to the manager who has extraordinary leadership skills and operates like a true leader pushing reps to achieve more.

25. Captain With No Fear: Present this award to the manager who knows how to handle tricky situations and overcome them without fear

26. Salute Boss: This award goes to the manager whose managerial skills are out of the world

27. Kingpin: Present this award to the person who became a manager in a very short period because of their hard work and utmost dedication.

Awards for New Hires

28. Newbie of the Month: This award goes to the most sincere and hard-working new rep who has grasped a lot of skills quickly during his first month

29. New Product Master On The Block: Give this award to those new reps who have mastered the knowledge of various products in a very short span of time.

30. Knowledgeable New rep: Give this to the new rep who has closed a big deal in the first month of his job itself.

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Published on Sat Sep 18 2021

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