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Diwali-themed Retail Sales Team names

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Running a retail store during a festive season is a great challenge. Especially when the festival is Diwali. Previously we have discussed how you can organize Diwali-themed sales games at your store to motivate your reps to actively sell and amplify sales during the Diwali sale season.

In this blog, you will learn how to make Diwali even more exciting for your store staff by giving your sales teams Diwali-themed names

General Diwali-themed Sales team names

1. Team Shubh Diwali: This group of people are responsible for selling Diwali promotional products.

2. The Chirags: These guys are the light of hope in difficult situations. They always come to the rescue and manage to resolve any challenge

3. Diwali sales machine: They churn out sales like a machine

4. Fireworks Club: These people are responsible for selling fireworks

5. Gang called family: The team members of this team have a great bond amongst themselves and they work together and help each other like a family

6. The Sweet Teens: This team is made up of teenagers who are experts in having sweet and pleasant conversations with the customers

7.Happy Vibes only: This team spreads contagious positivity and happiness around the store

8. The Diwali Dance: These guys have danced their way into sales success during the Diwali season.

Sales Team names based on Firecrackers

9. Dabang Atom Bomb: This sales team pursues sales aggressively

10. Silent bombs: These guys keep a low and silently carry out their work but they produce extraordinary sales results

11. Sutli Bombs: This team only aims to bring in high-value sales

12. Shy Bombs: These guys are introverts but are experts in selling

13. Choti bomb, Badi Dhamaka: The youngest team in your store who have produced extraordinary sales results

14. Warrior Ladi: These people have the warrior spirit and they fight to overcome any difficult sales situation and reach their sales targets

15. Tik Tak Tap Patakha: These guys sell products at lightning speed

Sales Team names based on Phuljari

16. Laughing Phuljaris: This team is always happy and joyful. They have got a unique talent to make their peers and customers happy too.

17. Sparkling squad: This is a special squad that has the capability to consistently generate good sales throughout the Diwali sale season

18. Twinkling Stars: These are the star sales performers in your store

Sales Team names based on Rockets

19. Magic pop Rockets: These guys might seem to be ordinary during the regular times but they show great valor during the busy Diwali season

20. Silent Rocket: These people don’t make too much fuss about their accomplishments but they do make great accomplishments

21. Rocking Rockets: These people have the capacity to skyrocket your sales

Sales team names based on Flowerpots

22. The Flower Pots: Give this title to the team that always tries to raise its standards and aims to achieve more than their target

23. Feisty Fire Shots: This team is famous for making big sales one after the other

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Published on Sat Oct 30 2021

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