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Employee Recognition Award Names in Hindi

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A simple and heartfelt appreciation always goes a long way towards making someone feel happy, appreciated, and motivated

You must be having some key players in your company who went above and beyond their call of duty to meet the goals. How do you plan to show your appreciation towards them?

One best way is to add a bit of creativity to your employee awards. To make your awards really resonate with your employees, you need to:

  • Have the award titles in your employees’ own language
  • Make sure that the names carry the local swag.

We have cultivated 25 creative employee award names in Hindi which you can use to dominate your employee appreciation game.

Prestigious Awards for Top performers

1. [Company Name] Ratna: This is the most prestigious annual award and it goes to the employee who has made extraordinary contributions to the organization.

2. Keerthi Puraskaar: Give this prestigious award to the sales rep who has won a huge, valuable deal for the company.

Awards to appreciate employees good work and performance

3. Vijetha: Give this award to the employee who rarely ever fails to win the deals

4. Khatron ke Khiladi: Give this award to the most daring and dashing employees. These people are willing to take risks and go above and beyond to meet their goals.

5. Shauryawaan Puraskaar: Give this award to the employees who operate with gut and grit

6 Aatma Nirbhar: To the self-sufficient employees.

7. Misal Peshak: This award goes to the employees who are famously known for setting good examples for everyone to follow

8. Bade Ja: This award should be awarded to the employee who has exponentially improved his performance and achieved greater heights in his career.

9. Muqaddar ka sikandar: Give this award to the person who thrives on taking up challenges and overcoming them.

10. Bemisal: Goes to that employee whose extraordinary talent is unmatched.

11. Wakt se aage: To the most punctual team that never fails to deliver on or before the deadline.

12. Sabke Chaheete: This award should be awarded to those people who are truly loved and respected by everyone in the workplace.

13. Karam hi Dharam: This award goes to those dedicated employees who believe that their work is worship.

14. Uttam Visleshak Puraskar: This award goes to the person who is good at making accurate sales forecast or analysis.

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Team Awards

15. Vishesh bal: This team award goes to that special team that has extraordinary skills.

16. Ekta ke Misaal: This goes to the team whose exceptional teamwork and unity should be taken as an inspiration and should be followed by the other teams.

17. Hamesha Pehle: To the team that always rises above all the other teams and comes in the first place

Awards for Leadership Roles

18. Uttam Netrutv Puraskar: Give this award to that amazing leader in your company who has lead his team through some difficult situations to success

19. Naari Shakthi Puraskaar: Give this award to the strong, talented, and most influential female manager in the company.

Awards for good knowledge and expertise

20. Dhurandhar: This award goes to the sales expert in your company

21. Gyaanwan Puraskar: Present this award to the employee who possesses good knowledge of the work he does.

22. Maha Gyaani Puraskaar: Give this award to the employees who have good knowledge of everything. They are all-round experts and there probably isn’t any question that they cannot answer

Awards for Service and Tenure

23. Tajurbedar: This award goes to the most experienced employee who has been working with your company for more than a decade now.

24. Dhanyawad aur Alvida: Give this award to the retiring employees. This is to thank them for their service and bid them farewell.

Awards For New Hires

25. Avishkari Naujawan: Give this award to the most creative and talented new hire

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Published on Mon Nov 9 2020

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