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Gamifying Salesforce

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In today’s tech-savvy world where businesses are operated using various advanced technology tools, CRM is one such tool that has become widely popular in sales departments. Sales reps and sales managers around the world, today, use some or the other form of CRM to effectively manage their sales.

And one of the popular CRM tools amongst many available in the market is Salesforce

What is Salesforce and why are we talking about gamifying it?

Salesforce is a CRM tool that fuels the sales and customer relationship management operations in many organizations. It provides a backbone for sales teams as well as marketers, customer service, product development, and other departments.

Despite being equipped with a powerful system like the salesforce CRM, sales reps often struggle to perform. For example, a 2020 study found that only 24.3 percent of sales employees exceeded their quota from the previous year. This means that a lot of companies fail to get the most out of their Salesforce investment. One main reason for this is the lack the motivation and drive amongst the reps to produce good sales results. To overcome this, we need to couple the salesforce CRM with a gamification system. Meaning we need to gamify the salesforce CRM.

Gamification is really a game-changer and a supporting character that the protagonist—Salesforce, was missing to build a winning story. Because Salesforce is so customer and data-focused, many companies don’t consider what it can do to make their employees better. Sure, there is data that can chart their performance and automation that makes their jobs easier, but when coupled with a gamification tool, it can directly facilitate employees’ improvement as well. This empowers the companies to gamify the sales process within the platform that their employees already may use and rely heavily upon.

What to look for in Gamification tools inside

Once you decide to get a gamification tool to gamify your salesforce CRM, don’t scrimp on features. The more functionality an application has, the more likely employees will embrace it. Here are some features that you need to look for while selecting your gamification tool:

  • Easy Integration - You can consider an application to be a hit or miss based on how easily you are able to integrate it with your CRM. Make sure that you carefully choose a solution that you can seamlessly integrate, implement, and manage without any fuss.

  • Contests - Once integrated, make sure that the gamification platform automatically pulls data from the salesforce CRM and allows you to set up games and contests with that data.

  • Leaderboards - Make sure that your platform provides an intuitive leaderboard that gives your employees a way to track team progress and see how they compare against each other.

  • Rewards - Choose a tool that allows your employees to track and see the rewards, incentives, and badges that they earn through a mobile app.

  • Recognition Capabilities - Shouting out great work is a key component of gamification that inspires confidence and builds morale. The best app makes recognition easy and gives managers the ability to attach rewards to it.

  • Communication Tools - Make sure that your gamification tool has chat and messaging functionality in it. This allows employees to converse with each other, exchange friendly banter/ trash talk, and celebrate each other,

  • Robust reporting and data - Salesforce already brings data to the equation. But make sure that your gamification tool takes metrics a step further with reporting and measures every aspect of the process.

How does Salesforce Gamification help? It improve sales teams’ performance!

There are some definite psychological perks that gamification brings with it. It does make a boring activity more fun and engaging and motivates individuals to participate more. But it also helps leaders in manifesting a change in the behavioral pattern of their teams to resonate more with their business objectives.

Gamification does this by employing certain mechanics like,

  • Tapping into the competitive psyche of the individuals
  • Breaking the whole system down into short term goals
  • Displaying immediate results or responses
  • Showing an individual’s progress in real-time, as well as in historical records
  • Gratifying users through instant rewards in terms of awards and badges

So, overall, the coupling of your Salesforce CRM with a gamification system gives you the following positive results for your business:

  • Gets your employees to align their work with your important business goals
  • Encourages your teams to be better coordinated with each other
  • Helps reps to be more organized and regular with their work
  • Improves the overall engagement and productivity levels of the team
  • Creates a positive competitive environment on the sales floor
  • Makes your new hire onboarding process quick and easy

SmartWinnr: Salesforce Gamification tool

SmartWinnr is a sales gamification tool that is designed to integrate seamlessly with your Salesforce CRM. It is capable of automatically drawing data from the CRM. And it allows you to gamify various crucial sales activities for your team.

SmartWinnr app also provides intuitive leaderboards which help you and your team to track the progress of a contest in real-time. Also, your reps will be able to see the incentives, rewards, and badges that they earn in the contest. And the good news is that all this can be done through a single app.

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Published on Tue Feb 8 2022

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