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How Sales Enablement can drive revenue growth in 2021?

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The priorities of the leadership of a lot of companies changed in the year 2020. The companies have started paying more attention to their sales enablement needs and this indeed paid them off pretty well.

According to Hubspot’s research,

65% of the sales leaders who have made dedicated and focused sales enablement efforts, have outperformed their sales targets in 2020.

In case you are looking to implement dedicated sales enablement measures at your organization, then now is the right time. As we cruise through 2021, here are 4 ways in which a dedicated sales enablement strategy can help in driving revenue growth in the year 2021

1. Data-driven sales enablement efforts

Your sales data is probably the most powerful tool that you have in your toolbox. Extract the crucial sales data regularly. For example, data like,

  • How many opportunities are turning into discovery calls?

  • How many discovery calls are turning into demos?

  • How many demos are turning into proposals

  • And how many proposals do we send out that turn into closed businesses

Now analyze this data and inform the managers about,

  • The areas where each individual rep is lagging behind

  • The areas where each individual rep needs additional support from their managers

  • And the enablement areas where the managers need to focus on in order to yield greater sales results

This approach helps the sales leaders to know how to support sales managers and reps and provides valuable insight into the type of training and content that would be most effective. This in turn helps a great deal to increase sales revenue.

2. Focus on sales team culture

Chances are you’re very familiar with the term “sales culture”. The idea that a company should have a shared set of beliefs, values, and practices. But when was the last time you have assessed the culture of your team?

A good culture in your workspace plays a pivotal role in supporting sales enablement and boosting your sales revenue. So, make sure to create a culture where sales reps,

  • Are motivated to learn, work, and innovate
  • Have strong communication, rapport, and trust across the sales teams and between the managers (especially true in a remote environment)
  • Can communicate openly and freely
  • Have the ability to tackle issues immediately as they arise

This kind of culture nurtures the development of individuals and the company and helps in boosting revenue

3. Prioritize sales enablement at each level of the organization

Sales enablement is a collective term. Either all of us are enabled or none of us really are. Because sales enablement generates results only when everyone is enabled to do their respective jobs efficiently.

So you need to prioritize training and enablement at all levels of the organization to make an impact in your business. Here is how to do that,

Start the enablement process at the top with the sales leadership team who deliver insights on broad topics like,

  • Sales goals
  • Workflow
  • Sales Training and Enablement efforts
Empower them with the skills required to monitor the sales at a higher level and manage the team of frontline sales managers. And then drill down in the hierarchy.

Next comes the frontline managers’ training and enablement. These managers are responsible for providing tailored training to each individual rep. This includes monitoring each rep’s performance closely, listening in on their calls with the customers, and providing regular feedback.

Finally, we come to the training and enablement of the front-line sales reps.

According to the Aberdeen Group study, 87 percent of one or two days of training content is forgotten in a matter of days.

There is a need for the companies to invest in continuous training programs for the sales reps, supported by sales enablement software. They also need to keep them up to date with the latest products, processes, and content. This results in turning the sales reps into knowledgeable and efficient sellers. And this, in turn, improves the revenue significantly.

4. Don’t wait to give feedback

The best sales leaders are aware of the importance of sales coaching and they prioritize it as a part of their sales enablement efforts.

When you implement a perfect process of coaching and feedback, it results in significant revenue growth

If a manager has listened to a customer call of a rep or has reviewed a coaching video, he should schedule a 15 minutes meeting immediately with that rep and deliver feedback on how it went

If this feedback is delayed, there is a good chance that the reps will forget about the call. As a result, your feedback is not going to be as direct and effective as it would be if you delivered it right away.

This helps a great deal in improving the call effectiveness of your reps and drives significant revenue growth.

Sales Enablement Tool: Need of the hour

As per HubSpot’s sales enablement report, 40% of the sales leaders expect to miss their revenue targets this year.

With the current highly competitive landscape and remote work scenario, sales enablement is not just a necessity for growth but is critical for the businesses’ survival.

The increased popularity of the sales enablement has resulted in the increased popularity of the sales enablement software tools as well. Over the last few years, these tools have indeed matured, generating good ROI, and mainly reducing complexities and increasing engagement.

Why is SmartWinnr the best Sales Enablement Platform for your organization?

SmartWinnr is a multi-faceted gamification tool that is specifically designed to drive sales enablement successfully in larger organizations. With SmartWinnr you can drive sales learning, sales coaching, and sales numbers from one single platform.

You can also gamify these learning and sales activities. You can conduct sales contests around these activities in order to engage your reps in them and motivate them to perform well.

Our tool also offers you the capability of,

  • Defining your own set of sales KPIs

  • Creating various learning and sales activities like quizzes, video coaching assignments, one-on-one sales challenges, etc

  • Choosing an interesting theme for your contest like march madness, NFL, Olympics

  • And many more

Interested to see SmartWinnr in action? Book a free consultation with us today!

Learn how Poly makes learning fun for their sales reps using the SmartWinnr

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Published on Tue Feb 16 2021

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