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March Sales Contest Names

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March is here. This means that we are approaching the end of the first quarter. I’m sure you have set some quarterly sales targets for your reps to achieve in this first quarter. By organizing some interesting sales contests, you will be able to provide that push that your sales reps need to chase their targets enthusiastically in the last month of the first quarter. But we have already discussed what kind of contests sales managers can organize in the month of March. If you haven’t read that blog yet, we highly recommend that you go through it by clicking here.

However, in this blog we intend to help you make your contests more interesting for your reps with these amazing sales contest names. So, pick an amazing name for your march sales contest from this list below:

  1. Keep calm and eat peanut butter: Create a contest for the entire month where the sales rep who has brought in the highest revenue for the entire month wins a cash bonus and a hamper of peanut butter!!

  2. Life of Pi: Organize this contest between your sales reps and encourage them to promote the sales of a product which is under special offer. The rep who succeeds in selling more number of units of the product under special offers wins this contest and gets a huge gift voucher.

  3. Do me a favour lets play Holi: Organize this contest around the time of the Holi and encourage your sales team in india to bring in a certain number of leads or close atleast one deal before Holi. Reward all the reps who achieve this target with a huge cash bonus and organic Holi colors.

  4. Spring Blossom: Organize this contest and encourage your sales reps to advance leads to the next stages in the sales pipeline. The rep who advances more number of leads wins the contest and gets rewarded with a sponsored vacation to the exotic location (a good way to enjoy the spring season).

  5. March Madness Tournament: Remember the famous basketball tournament of U.S that happens in the month of march? Yup, that’s what we are going to name this contest after. Get the basketball fans in your sales teams charged up by organizing this contest between the sales teams operating from different territories and encouraging them to bring in maximum revenue. At the end of the contest, the teams that punches the maximum revenue wins the championship trophy.

  6. Suess-prise: Organize this contest for a month and encourage your reps to hold maximum number of demos or meetings. The rep with maximum number of demos/ meeting at the end of the contest period wins the contest and gets a surprise gift delivered to his/ her house.

  7. The state of spuds: Organize this as a one month contest and encourage your reps to close a deal of highest value. At the end of the contest period, the rep who closes a deal of highest value than the others wins the contest. Give the winner a huge cash bonus and a basket of potato chips of different flavors.

  8. Super Women Organize this contest for women your women sales folks and encourage them to to promote the sales of newly launched products. The winner gets a hamper of beauty products from a famous beauty brand.

  9. Lets not Snooze it: This will be a one month contest where the sales reps have to go through their old positive leads that could not be converted and try and pitch to them again. The rep who converts more number of those leads wins.

  10. ”Lead” the way: This can be a 2 week contest where the sales rep need to fill the pipeline with new leads and whoever is able to gather the maximum number of leads wins.

  11. Staging Sales: Run this contest for an entire month and encourage your reps to try to promote the sales of a product which has not seen good sales in the last few quarters. The person who succeeds in selling more number of units of such product wins the competition. The winner then receives a huge cash bonus and tickets to a famous movie or a play in their town.

  12. Punch Higher: Run this contest for the entire month of march and pit the sales teams that are on the same level against each other to bring in a high value sales deal. The team that first brings in a high-value sales deal wins the contest.

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How will you communicate the contests that you organize to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Published on Mon Mar 21 2022

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