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No. 1 Sales Gamification Software for G2 Fall 2021 Report

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Hurray! we have won this season too.

The G2 crowd published their fall 2021 reports and we have maintained our position as the #1 sales gamification software. We are thrilled to announce that we are also recognized as a leader in sales gamification software for large enterprises.

Based on the ratings and reviews given by our customers on G2, they have awarded us the following badges

  • Easiest to do business with
  • Best support
  • Easiest setup
  • Highest user adoption
  • High performer
  • Best usability

These are just a few examples. For a detailed overview of our badges check out our website. Or to read the full report you can visit this page: Best Sales Gamification Software

We are grateful to our customers who have helped us to accomplish these milestones. Without their firm support, we would not have been able to come this far.

Our team at SmartWinnr is dedicated to making the SmartWinnr platform a perfect gamification software for our customers.

We value the feedback that we receive from our customers and constantly work on technical enhancements, new features, UI enhancements, etc. Our support team works to ensure that our customers receive accurate and timely resolutions to all the issues they encounter.

Our goal is to help organizations to run hassle-free sales enablement initiatives. We make the life of sales representatives and managers easier by

  • Improving sales reps’ engagement and productivity at work
  • Gamifying different learning and sales activities to engage the reps and instil the spirit of healthy competition amongst them
  • Making the training content easily accessible to the sales reps so that they can learn anywhere and anytime on the go without worrying much

We invite you to visit our G2 Crowd Listing to check out our reviews and see for yourself why our customers love us. Book a free demo with us today to see how SmartWinnr can help you boost your sales productivity and drive excellent sales training and performance.

What Is the G2 Rating?

G2 is the world’s largest product review and ranking platform where verified users share their experiences and feedback on various software products that are available in the market. Then those software products are ranked based on a mix of criteria like user satisfaction, product popularity, and how likely the users are to recommend a product to others.

Published on Tue Nov 23 2021

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