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No. 1 Sales Gamification Software for G2 Summer 2021 Report

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We’re delighted to share with you that SmartWinnr has been ranked as the leader in sales gamification software by G2 in its summer 2021 grid report for sales gamification software.

G2 ranked us as a leader based on high customer satisfaction reviews and a strong market presence.

How did SmartWinnr become the leader in sales gamification software?

Customer satisfaction was the key element In SmartWinnr’s ranking:

  • 99% Quality of support

  • 99% Ease of use

  • 97% Meets requirements

  • 97% Ease of admin

  • 100% Ease of doing business with

  • 97% Ease of set up

Features that are highly rated by our users:

  • 99%- Custom Competitions (Allows administrators to create custom competitions based on KPIs specific to the team to which the competition is assigned).

  • 98%- Competition Adjustments (Easily modify leaderboards and goal metrics to support adjustments on how to motivate users).

  • 99%- User role and access management (Grant access to select data, features, objects, etc. based on the users, user role, groups, etc).

  • 99%- CRM Integration (Integration with CRM software to access necessary metrics for the competition).

  • 98%- Mobile Friendly (Mobile app or mobile optimized website allows participants to easily view scores on the go).

  • 99%- Reporting (Mobile app or mobile optimized website allows participants to easily view scores on the go).

  • 97%- Data Import & Export Tools (Ability to input, modify and extract data from the application in bulk through a structured file).

  • 98%- Performance & Reliability (Software is consistently available (uptime) and allows users to complete tasks quickly because they are not waiting for the software to respond).

  • 98%- Team Competitions (Set up competitions between groups of employees as opposed to competitions between individuals).

  • 99%- Simultaneous Competitions (Able to have multiple leaderboards and metrics running simultaneously for different groups of users).

All of these rankings are presented to us by G2. SmartWinnr received the highest satisfaction score among products in Sales Gamification.

  • 100% of our users rated it 4 or 5 stars,

  • Users said they would be likely to recommend SmartWinnr at a rate of 98%

  • NPS (measures customer experience and predicts business growth) is 96

We are not only a proud leader in sales gamification software but we also lead in these categories:

  1. Sales performance management

  2. Sales coaching

  3. Sales training and onboarding

Some of our top reviews that make us stand out from the rest

We’ve gathered some of our top reviews that show how much SmartWinnr users love SmartWinnr and how much we are able to satisfy our customers:

  1. The gamification features of SmartWinnr is highly advanced. We can create country-specific as well as inter-country leaderboards in a click. The ability to gamify the different sales activities is a powerful motivator. This has shown a positive impact on our sales result- Rahul Garg (Country General Manager at ConvaTec).

  2. The video coaching module is used as key learning for our sellers. It helps our sales team to practice the right customer messaging and get feedback for improvement- Madison Sabbag (Associate Manager, Global Sales Enablement at Poly).

  3. The fact that SmartWinnr is a single platform for training and coaching which can be accessed via our team’s mobile phones means that we have the benefit of a training library in their pocket at all times which is phenomenal for learning adoption- Rebecca M (Regional Marketing, Training & Development Manager -Men’s Health, APAC).

  4. We are using SmartWinnr in Japan. The best part is, SmartWinnr mobile app is available in Japanese. Which is a huge advantage for our sales team. They find it intuitive and easy to use. There are automatic reminders that help them to complete their activities on time. The multi-attempt quiz with a pass mark, has been particularly helpful in building foundational knowledge in our reps- Sharon F (Professional Education Manager).

  5. SmartWinnr is very versatile. You can not only run trainings through it, you can even collect trade show feedbacks, customer insights and much more through SmartWinnr. It is a mobile app that our sales reps use from the field, in their daily activities. The competition feature is powerful. We run sales championship and It keeps our teams engaged and motivated to achieve their goals!- Bongiwe K (Marketing Manager).

  6. It’s easy to use and set up as administrator and the customer support is fantastic!- Kate Diggs (Director Sales Enablement at TransForce Group).

We strive towards improvement and making ourselves better every day because we value our customers more than anything else. Client satisfaction is the only motto we follow at SmartWinnr.

We are honoured to be listed as a leader by G2 and we’ll try our best to remain a leader so that we can help our customers to do their job better. Read our reviews checkout G2

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Published on Fri Jun 25 2021

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