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Sales Contest Names for Credit Unions

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Want to improve the sales performance of your sales staff at your credit union? Organizing some amazing sales contests is the best way to get your reps to give their best at work. Click here to get some amazing credit union sales contest ideas that you can run at your workplace.

In order to make your contests interesting for your reps, along with a good contest idea you also need a good name for your contests. So, in this blog, we have brought to you some interesting and crazy names that you can give for your credit union sales contests.

  1. Masters of mortgages: Organize this contest and encourage your reps to actively promote the sales of mortgages. Declare the rep who sells more mortgages as the winner.
  2. The Loan Zone: Focus this contest on increasing the sales of various kinds of loans that you offer. At the end of the contest, declare the one who succeeds in selling more number of loans as the winner
  3. Upsell Ninja Win: With this contest, encourage your reps to try to upsell your financial services to existing customers. The person who makes a significant upsell wins the contest
  4. Quota Buster: You must be having monthly or quarterly sales quotas that are set for your reps to achieve. Through this contest, push them to work hard to achieve their monthly or quarterly sales quota
  5. Astonishing service: Organize this as a monthly contest and encourage your reps to provide best service to the customers. At the end of each month, reward the person who gets more number of positive feedbacks from the customers
  6. Personal loans mania: This contest gets your reps to actively promote the sales of personal loans. At the end of the contest, the person who sells more number of personal loans wins the contest.
  7. Auto carers: Give this name to the contest where you encourage your sales staff to promote the sales of auto loans. At the end of the contest, reward the person who sells more number of auto loans
  8. Doorstep count: This contest is for your field sales reps who visit the customers and provide your financial services. Run this contest every day and encourage them to visit as many customers as they can. By the end of the day, the rep who covers more customers than the rest wins the competition.
  9. KYC Drive: Run this contest and encourage your sales staff to procure KYC details from the customers and update the customer records. Reward everyone who successfully procure details of all the customers they are dealing with.
  10. Sales premier league: Have multiple branches of your credit union across various regions? Run this as a quarterly contest between all the branches. Set a revenue target per branch, as well as per individual. Whichever branch meets or exceeds the target first wins this competition.
  11. The referral race: Focus this contest on encouraging your reps to earn referrals from the existing customers. The rep who earns highest number of referrals wins this contest
  12. Timing with TAT race: Run this contest every month and encourage your reps to adhere to the TATs (Turn Around Time) for processing various customers’ requests. At the end of each month, reward all the reps who have a zero or minimum deviation from TATs.
  13. The Flash contest: Run this contest to encourage your reps to bring in leads. The rep who brings in more number of leads wins this contest
  14. Roll for money: Organize this contest and encourage your reps to get the loan defaulters to pay their loan installments.
  15. Super Sweeps: Organize this contest and encourage your reps to bring as many people as they can, from an area, to open their savings accounts with you. The rep who gets more number of savings accounts opened wins this contest.
  16. Twice is nice: In this contest, give a goal to your sales team to double the number of customers over the previous quarter/ year. Reward everyone in the sales team if the goal is achieved.

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How will you communicate your contest to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Searching for free themes for your contest?

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Published on Mon Mar 21 2022

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