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Sales Contest Names for the Telecom Industry

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Thanks to the power of telecom companies around the world, the whole world fits into our hands today. With a device connected to cellular network and internet connection– we can communicate with anyone across the world and get access to any information we want. Telecommunications is one of the most crucial, fast-paced and competitive industries out there.

Selling in such a highly competitive industry is not an easy job. Telecom sales reps have to constantly:

  • Uncover and understand various customers’ needs

  • Provide customized solutions to them

  • Keep abreast with the latest technology trends

  • Continuously educate themselves on new and existing products and services

  • Deal with customer complaints

How can you motivate them to deliver their best? An innovative way to drive this motivation is by conducting some interesting and engaging sales contests

Once you have an interesting contest idea that you’d like to run, you need to give it a catchy name in order to grab the attention of your audience.

To help you with this, we have compiled a list to cool, creative, and catchy telecom sales contest names. Check them out below:

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Contests for Training you Sales Reps

1. Contest Chest: Conduct this quiz contest once every week to improve your reps’ knowledge of:

  • Products and services
  • Market
  • Latest Technologies
  • Customer personas
  • Competitors etc

The rep who scores the highest in the quiz wins and gets a chest filled with exciting goodies

2. Pitch Perfect: Conduct this video coaching contest once every month. Pick one of your products or service plans each month. Ask your reps to deliver a perfect sales pitch of that product/service-- by clearly demonstrating features, benefits, usage, etc. The rep who delivers the most effective pitch wins the competition.

3. Pun Intended: This makes for a fun contest for your new hire sales reps. Conduct a video coaching contest during NHT(new hire training) and ask your new hires to pitch a product in a fun way. Whoever comes up with the most creative and fun way of pitching the product wins the competition.

4. Selling Alley: Conduct this quiz contest once every week and focus it around improving your reps’ sales knowledge. Focus the quizzes on topics like:

  • Objection Handling Techniques
  • Sales Methodology
  • Best Closing Techniques etc

The top 3 reps with the highest score in the quiz win the competition.

Contests to Drive General Telecom KPIs

5. Bon appétit: This is an amazing contest to motivate your sales reps to bring in leads every day. Conduct this contest every day for two hours. Encourage your staff to fill the sales pipeline with as many leads as they can. Whoever brings in the highest number of leads within the given time wins the competition. Reward the winner instantly by offering delicious lunch/dinner on the same day.

6. Referrals Race: Run this as a weekly contest and motivate your employees to earn as many referrals as possible. By the end of the week, the rep who earns more referrals than the rest wins the competition. Reward the winner with an Amazon gift card or weekend entertainment tickets.

7. New Lines Nintendo: The goal of this Nintendo-themed contest is to install new lines/services in various areas in a city. To run this contest, assign one region to each one of your reps. Encourage them to get bookings for new line installations from their assigned area. By the end of the contest, the rep who gets the highest number of bookings wins the contest. Have a Nintendo-themed leaderboard to track the progress of this contest.

8. < New Product > Mega League: Conduct this contest when you have launched a new product into the market. Run this as a quarterly contest between your sales teams in various territories. Encourage them to promote the sales of the new product throughout the quarter. By the end of the quarter, the team that sells the highest number of units of the product wins the competition.

9. Retention Squad: Some customers might decide to discontinue using your services after a certain period of time. Focus this contest around retaining such customers. Run this as a yearly contest and reward all the reps who successfully retain customers who were about to cancel their service.

10. Strikeout Competition: Run this as a quarterly or yearly contest to focus on winning on top of your competitors. Reward your reps every time they successfully convince a prospect to opt for your product rather than your competitor’s product.

11. Rule over < territory-name >: Focus this contest around increasing the sales of your products and services in a particular territory. By the end of the contest, the rep who sells the highest (in terms of the number of products and services sold) wins the competition.

12. Close Now, Wine Later: Run this contest for 6 months. Motivate your staff to aim to close the biggest deal (in terms of revenue). The winner of this contest gets to go on a weekend trip to a vineyard with her family.

13. Revenue Rush: Run this as a quarterly contest between your sales teams in various territories. Set a revenue target for them to achieve before the end of the quarter. The team that achieves this target first wins the competition.

14. Upsell and Win: Focus this contest around getting your reps to upsell to the existing customers. The rep who makes the most significant upsell wins the contest.

Contests for your Channel Sales Partners

15. Sales Olympics: If you are working with channel sales partners, then conduct this contest to motivate them to achieve various sales targets. You can create this contest around any sales target of your choice like:

  • Selling a certain number of units of a new product in a quarter
  • Achieving the quarterly revenue quota etc

Contests for CRM Adoption

16. Blurry Vision? Put in your Contacts/ Hasta La Vista: Create this contest around driving CRM adoption. Motivate your reps to fill in/add contacts, along with their current status, into the CRM regularly. At the end of every month, reward all the reps who have updated the logs every day without fail.

Contests for Service Engineers

17. The Great Race: This competition is for your service engineers who visit customers to install or service the products. Run this contest every day and assign a list of customers to each one of your service engineers. Encourage them to try and cover all the customers on their list by the end of the day. At the end of every month, reward all the service engineers who have consistently covered all the customers on their list every day (with zero to minimum deviation).

18. CX Champions League: Run this as a monthly contest for your service engineers and reward the one who receives the highest number of positive feedbacks from the customers.

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How will you communicate your contest to your participants?

Once you have a perfect contest idea and a suitable name for it, focus on communicating it effectively to your participants. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce your contest.

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Searching for free themes for your contest?

Select from ready-made themes like NFL, Olympics and more. Select KPIs, get engaging team names, team logos, and banners to drive a contest that your participants will remember - Contest Theme Generator

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