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Sales Team Names in Hindi

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I’m sure you will agree with me on this: It’s the dream of every manager and her team members to have an awesome team name for themselves.


A cool, creative and catchy workplace team name

  • Instills a sense of team pride

  • Brings your team members together and motivates them to work together

  • Describes what your team is like to others

  • Last but not least– you get to have a cool, unique name for your team’s WhatsApp group.

A perfect name for your sales team is the one that instantly connects with all your team members and appeals to them.

Here is how to come up with such perfect name:

  • Have the name in your team members’ own language

  • Make sure that it carries their local swag

Not sure how to do that?

Don’t you worry! Because we brought to you a mega list of sales team names in Hindi (for your sales employees in India). Check it out below and find the perfect name for your team of champions.

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1. Shoor Veers: ‘Shoor Veers’ are the brave, dashing and dynamic sales team in your company.

2. Ekjut: You unite yourselves towards a target.

3. Gangs of < Territory Name >: Inspired from the famous Bollywood film “Gangs of Wasseypur”, you are the most powerful and successful sales team in your region.

4. Sales Yoddha: You are the warriors when you are selling.

5. Apna Sapna Money Money: You are always on the lookout to earn some extra commission at every opportunity you get.

6. < Territory-name > Cheetey: You are the most talented sales team in your territory.

7. Yaaron ka Kafila: Your team members share a great bond and friendship amongst each other.

8. Team Dabbang: Your team is strong, vivacious, and fearless.

9. Akaash Vaani: You’re exceptionally talented in forecasting sales accurately.

10. Aatma Nirbhar: You’re a self-reliant team. You prefer to work and achieve your goals independently without taking anyone’s help.

11. Mastano ka Jhund: Your team is full of joyful people. Your positive energy and happiness are contagious. And you spread them around in the office.

12. Gully Boys: You are the field sales team.

13. Jab Tak Hai Jaan: You strongly believes in the proverb– ”Try and try until you succeed”. Giving up on anything is the last thing on your mind.

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14. Naadan Parindey: You guys are quite straight-forward and innocent.

15. Khiladiyon Ke Khiladi: You’re exceptionally skilled in tactfully handling tough customers, difficult sales scenarios, and objections.

16. Muqaddar Ke Sikandar: You guys are just unbelievably lucky when it comes to sales.

17. Sales Gyani: Hello, sales experts! There probably isn’t any sales question that you guys cannot answer.

18. Sarva Gun Sampanna: You people are all-round experts when it comes to sales.

19. Aavishkari Naujawaan: Your team has young, talented and creative sales reps.

20. Vijetha: You guys never fail to win in the game of sales. Where all the other sales teams fail, your team manages to succeed.

21. Sales Lutere: You sweep most sales deals every year.

22. Panch Paandav: Your team is made up of 5 men and you have a brotherly bond amongst each other.

23. Pariyon ki Toli: You are an awesome sales team of only women.

24. Dil Se Sales: You just love sales with all your heart. You guys are truly passionate about your job.

25. Ziddi: You’re always hell-bent on achieving sales targets, no matter how many obstacles come in your way.

26. Sales Ke Badshah: You are the wealthiest sales team in your company. You guys bring in more money for the company and also take more commission than any other team. So, you all are the kings and queens of your sales department.

27. Humse Badkar Kaun: No one can defeat you when it comes to sales.

28. Singham: Named after the famous Bollywood movie, you are constantly hunting for new sales.

29. Ugta Sooraj: You’re the new hire sales team having the potential to achieve greater career heights going forward.

30. Mehnatee: You guys hustle day in and day out.

31. Sabke Chahete: Your team is liked and loved by everyone.

32. Toofani: Your selling speed matches the speed of the cyclone.

33. Purane Sher: You are the oldest and most experienced sales professionals in your company.

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Published on Sat Aug 8 2020

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