If knowledge matters for your organization success, you need SmartWinnr.

SmartWinnr helps to drive team performance through better knowledge retention. Gamified mobile-friendly short quizzes and Twitter-like SmartFeeds keeps your team always up to date with latest information.

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Intuitive and Easy to use

It takes less than 1 minute to create a question. Users can take quizzes very easily anytime, anywhere. You can set-up a competition in 2 minutes.

Identify Knowledge Gaps at a Glance

Smartwinnr's AI engine identifies knowledge gaps in your team and automagically sends individualized SmartQuizzes and SmartFeeds. You can visualize the gaps through heatmaps and other easy to use charts.

Make Learning as Fun and Engaging

Gamification elements like competitions, leaderboards, badges, and levels keep the users engaged and increase completion rates.

Feature by feature

User Experience

Intuitive and Easy-to-use

Reps can start quiz in 1 click with no prior training which leads to high engagement.

Mobile Device Enabled

Runs in iPhone, iPad, Android smartphones and Android tablets so that reps can take quizzes anytime, anywhere.

Fun and Engaging

Gamification elements like competitions, leaderboards, badges, and levels motivate reps, increase retention and transform learning into a high-engagement activity.

Quiz/Question Management - for Trainers/Managers

Easy Authoring

Trainers/managers can create a question in 1 minute, using our intuitive web-based authoring tool without any IT intervention.

Rich-Media Support

Embed images, videos and rich media text in questions and explanations for an immersive experience

Multiple Languages

Questions can be created in Unicode based languages like Chinese, Japanese, etc. making SmartWinnr extremely flexible and usable in different geographical regions.

Multiple Question Types

Create question by different question types like single option, multi-choice, fill-in-the-blanks and timed questions

Reusable Questions

Use the Question Bank to create different quizzes from the same set of questions

Deep Search

Find questions, SmartFeeds or users by keywords, using the inbuilt deep search functionality, making it extremely easy to use.

Automated Quiz

Let SmartWinnr automatically send periodic SmartQuizzes and SmartFeeds to individuals based on their knowledge gaps.


Gamification Engine

Increase user engagement through our adaptive gamification engine


Get real-time competitive ranking through leaderboards


Motivate users through performance-based customized badges


Motivate users through performance-based customized badges


Track progress in each topic through knowledge levels


Real-time Analytics

Get actionable insights through drill-down analytics by region, user or topic

HeatMap Analytics

Easily identify knowledge gaps through color-coded HeatMaps

Granular Comparisons

Compare performance between individuals, teams or regions


Activity Stream

Get all updates in the app in a single stream for quick action

Push Notifications

Get real-time updates through in-app push notifications

Email Notifications

Get email notifications on new SmartQuiz/SmartFeed assignment

Security and Access

Encrypted Communication

Secured communication through SSL encryption and encrypted data storage

Access Control

Provide individuals limited access based on roles

Single Sign-on

Access SmartWinnr using Single Sign-on using your corporate identity provider