Reduce Compliance Breaches

Specific Use Cases in Compliance

  • Refresher Training on Regulatory Compliance like AML, etc
  • Onboarding of New Staff
  • Train all External Contractors
  • Prepare your team before audits

Raise Regulatory Awareness

Lack of compliance awareness has been singled out as one of the prime factors for regulatory breaches in the Banking and Financial industry. Moreover, given the multitude of rules and regulations, a one-size-fits-all approach no longer works. SmartWinnr can help to drive compliance awareness for different teams and automatically send personalized quizzes and SmartFeeds depending on individual knowledge level and compliance requirements.

Reduce Risk of Potential Breach

SmartWinnr's Knowledge Analytics Predictive Engine (KAPE) can proactively identify individuals, teams, branches or geographies with low compliance awareness. You can, therefore, take proactive actions to bridge those gaps and prevent a potential compliance breach.

Keep Pace with Frequent Regulatory Changes

When regulations change frequently, as they do in today's times, it is difficult to keep your team up-to-date with the changes. Traditional methods of email campaigns, e-learning etc. are ineffective in ensuring that the changed information is actually retained by your employees. SmartWinnr acts as a single channel to push all these information and assesses the level of retention by individual team members.

Make Regulatory Training Fun and Engaging

Regulatory training is often seen as just another item that needs to be done. Team members often take mandatory e-learning exams together defeating the purpose of such initiatives. SmartWinnr's game mechanics drive healthy competition through leaderboard, ranks, and badges which keep employees engaged and make regulatory training fun and rewarding.

Identify Gaps and Take Action

Traditional compliance exams can only provide information about knowledge level during the exam. SmartWinnr's approach of sending regular individualized quizzes helps to determine actual knowledge retention and also to identify specific gaps. This in-depth analytics can be used to take follow-up actions and bridge the knowledge gap.

Use One Channel to Train All your Stakeholders

Financial institutions are responsible for any breaches that might happen at related third-parties who work their behalf. It is often difficult and expensive to train these stakeholders about regulatory compliances. SmartWinnr's cloud hosted solution enables you to assess and inform all stakeholder about your compliance policies and processes.

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