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Accelerate Sales Performance Through the Most Comprehensive Sales Enablement Platform

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Make learning fun and engaging!

Learn how Poly uses SmartWinnr to make learning fun and engaging. Laura Welch, ex Senior Director, Sales Enablement, Poly in conversation with Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO, Selling Power Magazine, at the Sales Enablement Society Conference in Denver. Read More

Keep Your Team Up-to-date with Right Knowledge

Improve product and competitive knowledge of your sales teams and sales engineers, through bite-sized SmartFeeds and automated gamified quizzes

Digitize your Sales Contests for Higher RoI

Drive real-time sales contests with points, badges, challenges and leaderboards to track and improve sales performance and target any strategic KPIs.

Increase Up & Cross-Sell Revenue

Help SDRs uncover additional revenue opportunities by applying proven up/cross sell techniques and better product knowledge.

Improve Sales Pitch Through Continuous Practice

Send video coaching challenges to let SDRs practice critical sellings skills in a safe and supporting environment.

Access Knowledge Anytime, Anywhere

Critical product information, data sheets and competitive intel is just a search away using SmartWinnr’s intuitive K-Hub. Mobile-first platform ensures field staff are able to access critical information anytime, anywhere.

Continuously Motivate and Engage with Your Teams

Celebrate wins, share success stories, recognize achievements from a single platform

Develop a world class sales team with knowledge as a competitive advantage.

Use Cases for Technology

  • Drive highly successful new product launch trainings and kick-offs
  • Quickly ramp-up new SDR knowledge during onboarding
  • Improve sales through real-time gamified sales contests and challenges
  • Drive powerful and engaging learning/sales events for inside and channel sales
  • Easily train distributors and customers on product knowledge and usage
  • Conduct refresher trainings to keep teams up-to-date with latest knowledge