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Any company would prioritize their staff’s payments for reasons such as Attracting the right talent Retaining them And motivating them to perform better In the SaaS world, however, good salaries mat read more
Did you know that 80% of spreadsheets contain at least one error? Excel is one of the popular, well-known, and powerful tools of this era. Millions of business and business professionals across the wo read more
What is Sales Commission? Sales commission is a key aspect of sales compensation that an organization gives to its sales reps. It’s the amount of money that the salespeople earn based on the num read more
Organizations spend 10-15% of their revenue on commissions. So, surely sales commissions are one of the most important investments that companies make. But lets us be honest, using spreadsheets for ca read more
If we look back and analyze human history we will notice that we have developed a habit of promoting top performers everywhere. Like, The best soldiers were promoted to captains, The best athletes pr read more
A sales compensation strategy is the backbone of employee motivation in any organization. However, while crafting a compensation strategy, most organizations ignore the psychological aspects that can read more