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About Hubspot Hubspot CRM has emerged as one of the most crucial sales, marketing, and customer-relation management tool for many organizations in the modern day. Today, Hubspot’s employee management read more
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Sales Teams are virtual this year too. This means that the virtual sales kickoffs are going to be the flavor of this season as well. I’m sure the virtual kickoff looks and feels very different than th read more
At some point or the other we all wished that we had some extra hours in our day. But the truth is that we got only 24 hours (or 16 hours excluding the time we sleep) in a day and we need to learn to read more
Account Executives have a major role to play in maintaining the health of your sales pipeline, and as a result, improving your sales results. Your AEs shoulder the difficult job of, nurturing an accou read more
Time and again the world has seen some wonderful women who have emerged from various fields and made their mark in the world. They have proved to the world that with passion, intelligence and mental s read more
Retail stores and retail employees get extremely busy during the Diwali season. To make your retail staff’s work interesting and engaging during this busy season, you can gamify their sales activities read more
Running a retail store during a festive season is a great challenge. Especially when the festival is Diwali. Previously we have discussed how you can organize Diwali-themed sales games at your store t read more
What comes to your mind when you think of Diwali? The festival of lights The colorful rangolis The beautiful fireworks Well as for me what excites me the most is the Diwali shopping. Being able to b read more
Today the technology industry is one of the most fast-paced, desirable, and ever-evolving industries out there. Keeping employees motivated in such an industry is a never-ending and extremely crucial read more