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When someone says “Olympics Gold Medalist”, what comes to your mind? Whether you are a sports fan or not, you can’t help but imagine an athlete who is hardworking, talented, and determined to win the read more
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Your salespeople are the soldiers who guard your company at the forefront. They need to be equipped with the right knowledge to face any customer question effectively. In order to ensure this, you nee read more
Can you believe its already March? As we have entered March 2020, right now, do you know what is The topmost thing on everyone’s mind? The topmost thing everyone’s talking about? The topmost search o read more
Sales contests typically need: KPIs against which the performances will be measured. Learn how to select KPIs A Scoring system to measure the performance. Learn how to implement a scoring system Te read more
Sales contests around deals closed are commonplace. Sales contests around onboarding sales reps? Not so much. But, many successful companies have proved that the latter is just as valuable as an optio read more
You might have some extremely fascinating and highly engaging contest ideas that you want to implement for your team. But, a contest feels incomplete without a creative and relatable contest name. Bec read more
The day-to-day activities of an insurance sales agent are not easy. It involves constant hustling, networking, and, rejection before a sale is made. Also, it’s a pretty time-consuming process in the i read more
Selling credit cards is a tough job. It involves a lot of cold calling and rejections. So, it is important to ensure that regardless of this tough process, your reps keep trying enthusiastically to wi read more
Medical devices and Pharmaceutical sellers today are more driven than ever to close sales with aggressive outreach efforts and repeated contact with the customer. They face several challenges like eve read more