Blogs on Sales-Performance

All of us are born with certain personality traits. It is because of these traits that we all develop unique and natural inclinations in our lives. Like, Some of us are introverts Some of us are extr read more
A decade ago, it was considered normal for sales reps to wait for weeks (or sometimes even months) to get rewarded for The long hours that they have put in at work The hard work that they have done t read more
Any company would prioritize their staff’s payments for reasons such as Attracting the right talent Retaining them And motivating them to perform better In the SaaS world, however, good salaries mat read more
One of the most valuable skills that a salesperson can have is the knowledge of how to sell anything to anyone. Salespeople today are the primary differentiators in all purchases. As products and serv read more
If we look back and analyze human history we will notice that we have developed a habit of promoting top performers everywhere. Like, The best soldiers were promoted to captains, The best athletes pr read more
2 MINUTES. That is all you get on a cold call. And that too if it’s your lucky day. Otherwise, the call could be shorter than that. As an SDR, you have got the responsibility to nail this first call w read more
As a sales manager, do you believe that your sales reps have mastered the art of selling? Imagine this: one of your sales reps enters into a room for a sales meeting with a confident and charming pers read more
A few years ago, Pokemon Go, a popular game amongst millennials, asked its users to go around and catch Pokemons. Whenever there was a wild pokemon nearby, the users’ phones would vibrate to alert the read more
When players keep changing constantly, it’s impossible to win as a team. But this is exactly what a lot of organizations are going through right now. I’m sure many of you reading this are feeling it y read more
Benjamin Franklin once said “an investment in knowledge pays the best interest”, and we think Mr. Franklin got it spot on. Training and coaching aren’t just something that are ‘nice’ to ha read more