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A single platform to drive sales contests, sales learning and sales coaching for remote sales teams.

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Global enterprises rely on SmartWinnr.


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Improve Knowledge Retention

Customer Success Story - Boston Scientific

Experience how Boston Scientific uses SmartWinnr to
  • achieve YoY growth
  • above 90% field-force engagement
  • high knowledge retention amongst the field-force

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Only incentives will not boost sales

How much more incentive can be given to drive more sales? You can either hire more people or give them higher incentives to accelerate sales growth. But the question remains - can you use the same team to drive more sales?

Sales teams can’t retain product information

Product trainings are mostly done once in a quarter and not reinforced regularly. Sales people tend to forget crucial information. As a result, they don’t have meaningful conversation with customers, leading to increased sales cycle and sluggish sales.

Lack of uniform messaging while speaking to customers

Traditionally, role plays have been used to train sales people on customer interactions. But these are challenging to run for a distributed sales team. Without regular practice, your sales teams cannot have correct sales conversation with the buyer groups.

Customer Success Story - HCR ManorCare

Listen to Marty Tanner, Director of Sales Training, HCR ManorCare, on how SmartWinnr is driving knowledge and engagement of their remote sales force.

Built for large, distributed sales teams

Gamify Targets to drive sales productivity

Create quarterly and annual scorecards, challenges and contests to motivate sales teams to drive maximum sales productivity. Learn More

Track and Reinforce Product Information

Use SmartWinnr’s AI to reinforce key messages regularly, measure and track retention of product information while making it fun and engaging. Learn More

Drive uniform messaging through regular Video Coachings

Help your teams practice their customer interactions through regular video coachings. Use your own competency framework to provide systematic feedback and support. Learn More

Customer Success Story - Poly

Listen to Laura Turner, Senior Manager of Global Sales Enablement, Poly on how easy it is to use and implement SmartWinnr for sales teams.

1 Platform. Many Use Cases

Learn how large companies all over the world are using SmartWinnr to drive results


Drive Successful Sales Contests

SmartWInnr doubles your sales productivity by gamifying KPIs. Run contests and challenges to motivate your team.

New Product Launch

SmartWinnr helps you to answer - How ready is my sales team to launch the new product? Tailor training plans, reinforce and measure retention of product launch information.

Refresher Product Trainings

Ensure meaningful conversations with customers. SmartWinnr helps your sales teams to retain latest product information, reinforce key messages, and more.

Drive Sales Methodology

Use SmartWinnr to drive adoption of your new sales methodology. Teams practice selling by using the ‘steps-of-the-sale’ through Video Coaching.

New Hire Onboarding

Reduce time to productivity of your new hires. Create contests and leaderboards, quiz them on sessions and get them excited to be part of your organization.

Drive Engaging Sales Events

Use SmartWinnr to amplify and reinforce learning during key sales events.

Make learning fun and engaging!

Learn how Poly uses SmartWinnr to make learning fun and engaging. Laura Welch, ex Senior Director, Sales Enablement, Poly in conversation with Gerhard Gschwandtner, CEO, Selling Power Magazine, at the Sales Enablement Society Conference in Denver. Read More

The SmartWinnr Advantage

Intuitive and Easy-to-use

SmartWinnr has been designed specially for on-the-field sales teams. The interface is easy to use, all tasks are grouped together and can be completed in 1 click.

Ready to Go in Minutes

SmartWinnr is easy to implement and easy to use. Admins spend very little time as all resources are reusable and tasks can be scheduled in advance.

Built for the Enterprise

SmartWinnr is built from ground up as an Enterprise performance tool. Fortune 500 companies in regulated industries rely on SmartWinnr because of the enterprise-grade compliance, security, and support that we provide.

World Class Support Team

If you have any questions on how to use SmartWinnr and whether it can benefit your organization, we have an amazing support team to help you!


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