Targeted Learning

A completely new approach to training sales teams. Harness the power of AI to identify areas of improvement.

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Keep your teams up-to-date with critical information through Twitter-like feeds

Your teams are overloaded with information - from trainings, internal portals, communications, product manuals. But do they know that 20% of the information that drives 80% of the deals? Use the Pareto principle to identify that 20% of information. Convert them into short bite-sized SmartFeeds - it could be a product video, or a picture talking about the top 3 differentiators.

Schedule SmartFeeds to reinforce critical information regularly


AI-Driven Automated Assessments that help your team to retain important information

Is your sales cycle longer than usual? Is prospecting not bearing results? Are they not able to remember critical data while convincing customers?

Your problem is knowledge retention. Each sales person has her own way of remembering. What one sales person finds easy to remember, another might not. Existing approaches like training, eLearning are one-size-fits-all.

Let SmartWinnr’s powerful AI take over for a personalised approach. SmartQuizzes select questions for every sales person in your team, depending on their individual areas of strength and areas of improvements. This approach is helpful when you want to drive readiness for a new product launch, or new hire training.



Structured Learning Paths for Every Individual Person in your Team

Each person in your team comes with a different knowledge level, experience and have different learning needs. SmartPaths help you to create a customized learning experience to each person in your sales team.

Extensive Reports

Get access to detailed reports by organization, by business unit, by country or by your team. You will be able to

  • Track engagement
  • Track knowledge improvement across months
  • Identify areas of improvement and areas of strength in a team
  • Comparison report of individual participants in a training


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