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Welcome to the third part in the series of blogs on on-the-spot training. In case you haven’t read the first two parts, we recommend that you read (links provided below) On-the-spot training part-1: read more
Welcome to the second part of our on-the-spot training blog series. If you haven’t read the first part of this series yet, then we highly recommend that you read that first before reading this second read more
Remote employee training is a hot topic right now and that is mainly because it has been thrust into the spotlight in response to the COVID-19 crisis. It’s been two years now since we all have b read more
What is a Sales Process? A sales process is a set of steps that your customer-facing employees follow when moving a customer along the sales funnel. It begins before they make contact with a prospect read more
Like most skills, your sales reps’ ability to sell improves with practice. But how can you get your reps to frequently practice and hone their selling skills? The answer to this lies in something call read more
It’s not a surprising fact that the companies that provide quality coaching are capable of reaching 7% greater annual revenue growth. As a sales manager, you must be aware that effective sales coachin read more
Let’s say that your company has hired a bunch of new sales reps and now the pressure is on you to get those reps ready to sell. The VP of sales wants the new reps ramped up ASAP. But you need to ask y read more
Today the technology industry is one of the most fast-paced, desirable, and ever-evolving industries out there. Keeping employees motivated in such an industry is a never-ending and extremely crucial read more
Your employees definitely feel good and motivated when they get rewarded for their extraordinary performance at work. But receiving the usual awards like the “Employee of the Month” can be boring for read more