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Christmas is certainly the most exciting time of the year for a lot of people. Especially, for the shoppers and the retail stores. Are your sales troops in your retail store already feeling the spirit read more
Who doesn’t like Christmas shopping? I mean while there could be a few exceptions here and there, most people love to shop for Christmas. And this is the time when retail stores are flooded with shopp read more
Are you planning to run sales contests in your retail store during this Christmas season? Make sure to add another layer of excitement to these contests by giving Christmas-themed names to the sales t read more
A sales contest is the most powerful tool that any sales manager can have in their arsenal. They can implement contests to Boost their team’s morale Encourage healthy competition on the sales floor A read more
The month of April marks the beginning of the second sales quarter. This is the first month in the second sales quarter. So, it’s important that you brace up your sales employees to put in their best read more
Are you organizing an event? Like, A webinar A Sales kickoff event A dealer/ channel partner meet An annual industrial meet etc Whatever the event might be, the success of it depends on the the way read more
Promoting your brand is essential, If you want your enterprise to stand out in the market If you want to distinguish it from your competitors And carve out a niche for yourself in the industry But b read more
Driving good sales results takes extra effort and hard work in the senior living industry. Your executive directors and marketing directors need to aggressively pursue sales and at the same time be em read more
Running sales contests in your senior living communities is the best way to keep your sales staff in those communities motivated to drive up sales and keep their customers happy. In our previous blog, read more
The life of the sales staff in the senior living industry isn’t easy. Unlike the sales reps of other industries, the sales reps of the senior living industry need to be patient and at the same motivat read more