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25 Creative Sales Team Names

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What's in a name?

A lot actually! When we think of successful sport team names, like the New England Patriots or the New York Yankees, we picture the motivated individuals that make up the team. And we envision their dedication to achieving a common goal (i.e., winning a championship.)

In the same way, a good team name for a sales team contributes to the team’s success. Let me explain how:

While one may think of sales team names as a nonessential element of team membership, the fact remains that a relevant and unified sales team names–

  • Creates alignment

  • Fosters a sense of unity within a group dynamic

  • Helps individuals learn, grow, and reach personal and team goals

Ultimately, the sense of belonging that comes from being in a group is a powerful component of success.

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Attaching a name that is creative, funny, and inspirational instills enthusiasm and a sense of unity in the team. This is an important element that sales leaders can leverage. In light of this, we’ve assembled a comprehensive list of 59 sales team name ideas you can use within your sales department. Check them out below:

Creative Sales Team Names

1. One Team, One Mission – This name works well to unite a team and encourage them to work together towards a common goal. You could use this name to motivate your team to work together to achieve a specific sales target for a quarter.

2. Earning Eagles – This name can be given to the sales team who are good at bringing in profits consistently. Give them a badge that says Earning Eagles which they can wear proudly to showoff the title they have earned.

3. The Godfathers – This is a charismatic sales team that gets any client’s attention quickly and no one can resist them. Here also a badge with the title works perfectly to motivate the team.

4. Company Builders – These people are loyal to the company and are the most dedicated workers. Most of this company wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for this sales team. Give them this title and convey to them how important you think they are to your company. This keeps their dedication up and going for a long time.

5. Seekers – Give this name to the team that is always searching for the next best deal to offer to the leads. You could also hold a competition where you can challenge the rest of the teams to steal this title form this team.

6. Hot Shots – Give this name to the best sales team in your company from whom everybody else can draw inspiration.

7. Caller Ballers – This is one exceptionally talented sales team while on sales calls.

8. Cold Call Captains - This team is exceptionally good at cold calling leads

9. Fans of Boss - This team is a fan of their leader/manager and always follow her instructions to win sales

10. Solution Sellers - These people have the best and accurate solution to any kind of sales problem. You get the best ideas from them to handle any difficult sales situation

Funny Sales Team Names

Sales Team Names in Hindi

11. Territory Tyrants - These people are the most efficient sellers of their territory. They understand their market, customers and sales techniques that work within their territory

12. Miracle Makers - These people can really make miracles happen during the toughest of the tough sales crisis.

13. Golden Girls - This would be an awesome team name for a sales team of only girls.

14. Business As Usual - This is a famous phrase that you can use as a name for a team when you have to motivate them to keep going despite the odds.

15. Aggressive Achievers - Give this name to the team that never fails to achieve their targets.

16. Sons of Strategy - Give this name to the team that has exceptional talent in creating sales strategies

17. Risky Business - This name suits to the team that is efficient in navigating risky sales situations smoothly.

18. Quota Crushers - This team never fails to achieve or exceed quota.

19. Qualifying Leaders - The team that shows leadership qualities in their day-to-day work deserves this title. They:

  • Are not afraid to take risks

  • Strategize their actions

  • Take additional responsibilities whenever needed

  • And, lead people whenever needed

20. Sales Gurus - This name goes to the sales team that has highly experienced sellers. This team has got so much knowledge and experience that there is no sales question they cannot answer.

21. Sales Express - Give this title to the sales team who are just too fast at their job.

22. Fast and Furious - This is the most energetic and enthusiastic team when it comes to sales. You wouldn’t come across a more energetic and passionate sales team.

23. Ker-Pow - They get super excited whenever they make a sale or close a deal. They enjoy their work and celebrate their success.

24. A-Team - Quite possibly the best team that has ever existed.

25. Pipeline Pushers - Sometimes, salespeople get too focused on one part of the pipeline like closing, that they neglect others like prospecting. To have some fun, you can come up with names like this one for your team and also conduct a contest around this.

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Published on Wed Nov 13 2019

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