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SmartWinnr provides digital solutions which are designed to help organizations reopen as soon as possible after the COVID-19 lockdowns. We focus on keeping your employees, suppliers, distributors and external partners safe and aware during the COVID-19 crisis and beyond.

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Global enterprises rely on SmartWinnr.


Drive New SOPs through Digital Self-Declarations

Create easy-to-use digital self declaration forms for your employees, suppliers, distributors and external partners. Centrally track and collate the data. Fill out the forms from an intuitive mobile app. The app is available is multiple regional and local languages

Employee Wellness Surveys

Conduct daily wellness surveys and assess return-to-work readiness


Effectively Communicate New Ways of Working

COVID-19 has led to new ways of working. Communicate changes in SOPs, Safety measures, Preventions and all new ways of working through SmartWinnr.

Channel for your Staff to Ask Questions Safely and Anonymously

Create an anonymous channel through which your employees can ask questions related to COVID-19, changes in policies and new ways of working.


Keep your Teams Engaged and Motivated

Run gamification initiatives that keep your teams in high spirits, in spite of the lockdowns.Learn more

Re-train your Workforce

Use SmartWinnr’s learning modules to re-skill your workforce to meet new business demands. Learn more


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