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Boost Sales by 60% through Gamified Sales Contests


Bring Attention to your Leading Indicators

SmartWInnr helps you to bring focus back to your leading indicators that drive the ultimate sales target. Distribute incentives in such a way that it helps you to influence the outcomes that you are looking for.

Even out sales across the month or the quarter

Break down quarter-end goals into more achievable targets, distributed across the weeks and months. SmartWinnr enables you to track and push out incentives weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly. This encourages your team to meet smaller goals that lead to the larger number at the end of the quarter.


Rolled up view for Managers, Drilled Down View for Sales People

Managers get visibility into progress by targets, by team. They can drill down to an individual salesperson. Each salesperson has a clear view of her targets and focuses on them.

Run Challenges to make it more competitive

Take your contests to a whole different level by introducing one-on-one and team vs team challenges. This is especially helpful when you want to drive the performance of your top performers and top teams.


Create Engagement and Community Building

Use the SmartWinnr chat to create engagement amongst your sales teams. Encourage them to share success stories and best practices which get liked by their peers and managers, giving them a sense of community and social success.

Follow the Game Remotely from SmartWinnr Mobile App

Your sales teams can follow the progress of the game remotely, in real-time through our easy-to-use and intuitive mobile app.


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