Sales Contest

Drive sales contests that meet your business targets. Motivate your team to achieve sales goals by organizing weekly, monthly or quarterly sales contests.

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Increase Productivity Through Sales Contest

Most sales organizations run sales contests in some form or the other - it can be a monthly or quarterly contest on different KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) or activities leading to KPIs. You have a large team, there is a lot of tedious excel calculations involved, so the results get published maybe only once a week. And everyone loses interest.

Introducing you to the world of SmartWinnr Sales Contests. You can run several contests for different teams with different KPIs, at the same time. If you have a seasonal business, change the KPIs as it fits your objectives.

Use a seamless integration to your CRM to pull the KPI data or upload through excel. Calculations happen immediately through automated scoring rules, while the results are available at real-time on the mobile apps to your sales teams.