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Automate your Sales Incentive Calculations

SmartWinnr handles complicated incentive plans, helps to motivate your sales team with real-time visibility and gives transparency to the process.

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You are in good company.

Global enterprises rely on SmartWinnr.


Setup complicated compensation plans in minutes

Link different data sources together. Use our powerful Formula Builder to create complex formulas based on your incentive plans. Build flexible payout structures and different incentive components to cater to all sales roles and designations in your organization. Setup workflows for approvals.

Manage across months, hassle-free

Manage the entire incentive process from start to finish inside SmartWinnr. Maintain sales hierarchies easily through automated sync with your HRMS. You have the flexibility to do manual adjustments, if it's needed. Seamlessly manage exceptions and territory changes in a few clicks. Run easy reconciliations through audit trails.

Reporting made Easy

Create customised dashboards and reports for your sales reps, managers and senior leaders. Provide real-time visibility into attainment numbers. Your HR and Finance teams also has access to payout details. Download reports as Excel for easy analysis.

Realtime Visibility into Incentives Anytime, Anywhere

Give your sales reps realtime visibility into their commissions, directly from the SmartWinnr mobile app, anytime anywhere. Track attainment history, compensation breakups, status of current achievements that affect their incentives and more.


Motivate with an Incentive Simulator

Especially in complicated incentive plans, sales reps don’t follow which component links to which incentive. Motivate them with a simulator that shows ‘What-if’ scenarios and helps them to understand the breakups and enables them to take proactive actions.

AI-Driven Nudges based on Incentives

Take your sales numbers to new heights with nudges. SmartWinnr’s AI-based nudges provide timely guidance to sales reps. It gets them to focus on activites that are important, instead of activities that they want to do.


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