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Radically Improve Sales Productivity of Your Agents

Rollout a proven sales enablement plan encompassing sales contests, training and coaching that is guaranteed to improve agent productivity

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Boost Agent Productivity

Improve agent productivity without increasing incentive payouts through effective gamification design

Reduce Agent Attrition

Combine gamification, motivation, coaching and tracking to ensure new agents are engaged and motivated till they find their pace. This greatly helps in reducing new agent attrition.

Motivate and Elicit Performance Across Your Team

20% top agents contribute significantly to your sales. Create a tiered sales contest, celebrate wins, share success stories and recognize achievements to motivate the top 20% while inspiring the rest of the team as well to perform at their full potential.

Reduce Supervisory Cost

SmartWinnr’s intelligent tracking and automated nudges help agents perform better with less direct supervision.

Drive Sales through Bancassurance and Other Third-Party Channels

Create exciting sales contests, share product knowledge nuggets and gamify performance to train and track third-party sales teams.

Train Your Team for Top Sales Performance

Keep the agents trained and up-to-date with the latest knowledge about products, systems and regulations

Increase Up & Cross-Sell Revenue

Help teams to uncover additional revenue opportunities by applying proven up/cross sell techniques and better product knowledge.

Digitize your Sales Contests for Higher RoI

Drive real-time sales contests with points, badges, challenges and leaderboards to track and improve sales productivity.

Develop a world class sales team with knowledge as a competitive advantage.

Use Cases for Insurance

  • Create gamified incentive plans that aligns with your business goals
  • Train agents on new products through bite-sized product knowledge and gamified quizzes
  • Quickly ramp-up new team member’s knowledge during onboarding
  • Improve sales through real-time gamified sales contests and challenges
  • Coach new agents on key selling skills like objection handling and managing rejection through video coaching

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