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Medical Devices

Supercharge the Sales Productivity of your Medical Reps

Train, motivate and coach your medical reps for superlative sales performance

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Customer Success Story - Boston Scientific

Experience how Boston Scientific uses SmartWinnr to
  • achieve YoY growth
  • above 90% field-force engagement
  • high knowledge retention amongst the field-force

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Keep Your Team Up-to-date with Right Knowledge

Automatically send and track bite-sized information on latest product knowledge, clinical data and competitive intelligence

Digitize your Sales Contests for Higher RoI

Drive real-time sales contests with points, badges, challenges and leaderboards to track and improve sales productivity.

Drive Targeted Messaging for Physicians

Use video coaching challenges to allow reps to practise targeted messaging for physicians in a safe and supportive environment.

Better Handle Customer Objections

Send regular quizzes and coaching challenges to improve customer objection handling capability

Motivate and Engage with your Field Force Regularly

Celebrate wins, share success stories, recognize achievements from a single platform to keep the teams motivated to win

Easily Train Your Customers and Distributors

Train customers and distributors on your product through mobile-first smart learning and gamified assessments

Managers Track Performance and Knowledge Easily

Managers can track and coach individual reps on knowledge and performance easily and quickly through the SmartWinnr mobile app.

Develop a world class sales team with knowledge as a competitive advantage.

Use Cases for Medical Devices

  • Drive highly successful new product launch trainings and kick-offs
  • Quickly ramp-up new sales reps during onboarding
  • Improve sales through real-time gamified sales contests and challenges
  • Drive powerful and engaging events
  • Conduct refresher trainings to keep teams up-to-date with latest knowledge
  • Prepare sales teams for mandatory regulatory certifications like IBHRE
  • Train your Distributors, Dealers, Channel Partners and Customers on product knowledge and usage
  • Train sales teams on legal and compliance knowledge in different regions

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