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A Scientific Method to Improve Ramp-up Time

Organizations take up to 6 months to make new sales recruits fully productive. In industries with high turnover, this becomes all the more challenging.
  • Accelerate learning on company processes, systems, products, competitors through microlearning SmartFeeds
  • Improve retention of key knowledge through AI-driven quizzes
  • Create a structured learning journey through SmartPaths
  • Train new reps on your sales process through regular video coaching
  • Motivate and inspire them through real-time Sales Contests.
  • Reduce classroom training time of new hires by 80%
  • Reduce time to productivity by up to 40%
  • Reduce new hire training cost and ramp-up time
  • Decrease administrative overhead by automating the training journey
  • Assess sales readiness of new joiners

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