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Best Virtual Conferences, Events and On-demand Training Sessions for the Customer-Facing Teams in 2020

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Professional conferences are that part of our work for which we all look forward to. We plan and schedule our work around these events. And, why not? After all, these conferences provide an opportunity to hear directly from industry leaders, break ourselves out of the usual work routine, and pick up new skills. If you are anything like us at SmatWinnr, you must be really excited about attending some of the famous professional conferences and events that are scheduled to happen in 2020.

But this plan is now jeopardized by the ongoing pandemic. And, right now events and conferences around the world have either been postponed or canceled. A lot of these events have been converted to virtual events. This means that you can attend these events online from the comfort of your home. The best part is that much of the content is available for free.

We have compiled a list of such virtual events, conferences, and on-demand training sessions for the customer-facing teams. We find these extremely helpful and we believe that they will be helpful to you too. So, check them out below and choose the ones that fit your schedule.

Virtual Conferences and Events

1. RevGrowth Virtual Summit

Date: April 16th - 17th, 2020


It’s no secret that magic happens when sales and marketing teams get together. And, there has never been a better time to learn how to effectively align the two functions.

The RevGrowth Virtual Summit from Drift is going to bring together a community of marketing and sales leaders from around the world. It’s going to be a 2 days event with countless opportunities to learn and 0 barriers to entry.

In this summit, you can expect engaging discussions on how marketing and sales are evolving. You will also be able to exchange great ideas, provide feedback and seek perspectives from various sales and marketing experts.

2. Xforce Data Summit

Date: April 29th - 30th, 2020


Xforce data summit from Xplenty is the most engaging virtual conference that you are going to experience in 2020. In this conference, you will get to explore best practices, workflows, and lessons learned around everything Salesforce.

Topics will include--

  • Intercom and Salesforce in Large Installations
  • Learning from Salesforce Healthcare Implementations
  • A Pattern for Salesforce Data Migration

Xforce features more than 20 speakers coming from a wide range of companies - Silverline, Bitrise, Broughton Partners, Verbit, and many more.

Registration for the X-Force Data Summit is free.

3. Connections

Date: May 4th - 6th, 2020


Connections - from Salesforce - is the place to go to discover how to optimize the use of the platform. This virtual event showcases the experience and talents of industry experts and focuses on the practical business applications of the Salesforce platform. Connections hosts representatives from the retail, consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, and manufacturing industries.

Connections expo covers three different tracks. You will be able to:

  • Discover how to better connect with customers in the sales and marketing track
  • Discover new tools and future applications in the commerce track
  • Learn how to grow customer relationships with the service track.

In this conference, there is also a focus on giving back to the community and it culminates with a “Salesforce Concert.”

Registration for this event is free.

4. 2020 Summit by Forrester and Sirius Decisions

Date: May 4th - 7th, 2020


This year’s Summit by Forrester and SiriusDecisions offers over 120 live-streaming sessions.

These sessions cover:

  • B2B best practices
  • 10 keynote sessions
  • 15 customer success stories
  • Credible research and insights from leading analysts
  • And, on-demand access to sessions after the event, and many more

Apart from these sessions, the attendees will also have the opportunity to schedule 1:1 meetings with Forrester and SiriusDecision analysts to discuss top priorities and cutting-edge innovations.

In sales, you can expect sessions to cover topics such as

  • How to influence and persuade audiences with AI?
  • How the B2B buyer has changed?
  • And the revenue technology model.

5. Unleash Virtual Summit 2020

Date: May 4th - 7th, 2020


The four pillars to build an effective revenue engine are sales, sales ops, marketing, and customer success. Unleash virtual summit brings together experts from all these 4 functional areas. This summit hosts a 4-day marathon of keynotes and sessions from leaders across SaaS companies and entrepreneurs. In these sessions, you can expect to receive experts’ insights into the playbooks, technology, and processes which will help in fuelling your revenue growth.

Speakers include: Mary Shea (Forrester Research Principal Analyst), Amy Slater (Palo Alto Networks VP of Sales), Alyssa Merwin (The Vice President of Sales in LinkedIn)

6. Sales 3.0 Virtual Leadership Summit

Date: May 28th, 2020


Attend the Sales 3.0 Virtual Leadership Summit to gain insights and actionable strategies that you can leverage to ensure that your sales team is successfully selling during these tough times. The conference theme is: Building a Resilient Sales Culture.

You can attend this summit for free and gain innovative sales strategies that will help you to succeed in today’s environment.

The registrations are open now.

7. Sales Growth Virtual Summit

Date: October 15th, 2020


Sales Growth Virtual Summit focuses on short, straightforward sessions discussing the latest sales best practices, useful systems, and tactics that you can implement to drive sales in your organization.

Over the 2 and a half days of this event, 40 sales experts will share actionable insights to drive your growth in 2020.

8. Higher ED Summit 2020

Date: April 29th, 2020


The 2020 Salesforce Higher Ed summit brings together a community of experts from the education industry from around the world. The summit explores “every aspect of technology, education, and innovation.

You will get to see:

  • 2,500+ members of the community representing colleges and universities across the globe
  • 5 summit awards recognizing the innovative trailblazers in the education community.
  • 40+ sessions focused on the bold visions for the future of education

There’s also a focus on the “doing good” aspect of Salesforce, driven by the conference’s annual Summit Awards.

Check the event’s website for updates regarding speakers, workshops, and other agendas.

Registration for this event is free.

On-demand Training Sessions 2020

1. CMO Priorities and Predictions


This has a series of 10 webinars that you can view on-demand. You will need to register, but it’s free. Topics include the modern Martech stack, intelligent customer engagement, demand gen, revenue growth, and more.

Walk away with best practices to manage your teams, strategies to successfully take products to market, and inspiring ideas for driving marketing programs.

2. B2B Demand Building Strategies 2020


Successful marketing is about more than just MQLs. More than delivering leads, modern marketing departments are playing ever-larger roles in all stages of business development.

Register for free to view 12 insightful webinars with top demand generation experts on how their strategies can impact the entire sales cycle, fill the pipeline, and accelerate business growth.

Deliver more of the leads your sales teams need and take them further than ever before by utilizing intelligent targeting, holistic campaign design, and effective segmentation.

Published on Mon Apr 20 2020

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