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LTEN Annual Conference 2024: Experience SmartWinnr's AI-powered Video Coaching

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LTEN Annual Conference 2024 Event Details

📅 Date: 10th June 2024- 13th June 2024

🏠 Booth No.: 218

📍Location: Kissimmee Florida

The LTEN Annual Conference is a premier event organized by LTEN (Life Sciences Trainers & Educators Network), for life sciences training professionals to stay abreast of industry trends, best practices, and innovations. It serves as a catalyst for fostering a culture of continuous learning within organizations, empowering attendees to enhance their skills and drive impactful change.

This year, SmartWinnr is proud to announce to be one of their Gold Preferred Industry Partners (PIPs).

What SmartWinnr Will Be Showcasing

SmartWinnr will highlight two-way AI role play. feature and discuss how AI-driven video coaching can help your medical reps to drive better messaging with the HCPs.

Learning Lab Topic: Improve Sales Effectiveness through AI-powered Video Role Plays

Speaker: Shiladitya Mallik, Chief Business Officer, SmartWinnr

Date & Time: 11th June 2024, 1:30-1:50 PM EDT

Location: Exhibit Hall, Learning Labs 2

Learning Lab Overview

A 20-minute microlearning presentation to seamlessly integrate your sales role play with AI. Improving sales effectiveness and driving better messaging. 

We will deep dive into following:

  • Understanding how to structure HCP detailing and provide solutions.

  • Demonstration customized to your specific product or sales situations through AI-driven evaluations

  • Reducing time commitment from trainers by automated scoring and eliminating evaluation biases

  • Gamifying virtual coaching sessions for greater engagement

  • Provide real-time feedback on the demonstrated competencies

Tech Demo Topic: AI powered 2-way Role Plays to Improve Sales Call Effectiveness.

Speaker: Annie Banik, CEO, SmartWinnr

Date & Time: 11th June 2024, 2:45- 3:15 PM EDT

Location: Naples 3

Tech Demo Overview

Are your salespeople having impactful conversations with HCPs? Especially about a new product, or a new clinical paper, or while handling competitive objections. Role plays have always been the best way to practice, but they are time-consuming.

How do you harness the power of AI to help your salespeople do role plays that improve their sales call effectiveness?

Join us for a real-time demo that demonstrates how SmartWinnr Neo AI can run immersive role plays and save trainers’ time.

Your Key Takeaways

  1. How easy it is to use SmartWinnr AI to customize role plays to your scenarios, your products and use your training methodology?

  2. Create customized AI HCP avatars with whom salespeople can practice their conversations

  3. How other organizations in Pharma and Medical Devices are using SmartWinnr AI to empower their world class sales teams

Who all can attend:

  • Leaders in Pharma, Life Science, Medicine

  • Field Training Professionals

  • New & Aspiring Trainers

  • Non-Commercial (Clinical/Technical) Reps

  • Medical Device & Diagnostics Trainers


Speaker Details

Our CEO, Ms. Annie Banik, who will be demonstrating live our 2-way role play capabilities to address any queries and provide insights.

Accompanied by our Chief Business Officer, Mr. Mallik will present the benefits of AI video-based sales coaching and elucidate why it represents the future of sales training for organizations of all sizes.

Together, they bring a wealth of experience and expertise in sales training and technology solutions, ensuring attendees receive comprehensive support and guidance during their visit to SmartWinnr’s booth #218

With more than 140 esteemed organizations, LTEN Annual Conference 2024 provides a rich networking environment. We are glad to be part LTEN 2024.

Don’t miss out to visit us at LTEN Booth #218 . Learn more about the event here.

Published on Fri May 10 2024

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