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Scenarios where Video Coaching is used commonly

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“According to the Association for Talent Development, organizations that invest in coaching their employees see a 50% higher net sales per employee”.

Video coaching is one of the best ways to train your sales reps to articulate information effectively while talking to customers and prospects. This helps your reps to capitalize on every buyer interaction and provides a way for you to review their field performance.

What is Video Coaching?

Video coaching enables sales reps to record their sales talk through their mobile phones and share it with their coaches and managers. Managers can review the sales talk of each rep, give feedback and promote best sales practices across the team. This ensures development through continuous practice.

Previously, we have discussed about 5 reasons to use video coaching in your sales. In today’s blog, we talk about various scenarios where video coaching adds value and how you can adapt your coaching to suit the scenario.

Let’s look into some of the common scenarios where video coaching is used:

Scenario #1: New Hire On-boading

If new hires are entering your organization, they need to be well-versed with your product, market, competitors and compliances of your industry. They need to be confident while talking to prospects and customers. Also, when they take over existing accounts, they have to provide the same level of assurance and confidence as an experienced rep.

Video coaching helps in quickly on-boarding new hires. You can create a series of video coaching sessions as part of their on-boarding process, focusing on

  • Fundamental selling skills

  • Introducing your company and giving an overview of the products that you sell

  • For new reps taking on existing accounts - make a call and introduce yourself to the customer and give assurance that you can continue to expect the same level of service and support as before

  • Handling difficult situations

  • Handling objections

  • Closing

Continuous practice and feedback will quickly get your new hires to work independently. Organize a formal, individual video-coaching challenge. This will help you to test each individual rep separately and assess if they are ready to hit the floor. You can also share these videos with their managers to take their feedback. This process can significantly reduce your ramp up time.

Scenario #2: New Product Launch

When your organization is launching a new product, your sales team needs to be well equipped with all the information necessary to sell that new offering. Video coaching is very effective in perfecting the sales readiness of reps in selling the new product.

Some scenarios that we have seen works best during a new product launch

  • You are talking to your customer and she talks about a business problem where you have the opportunity to cross-sell the new product. What do you say?

  • Use 2 different opening statements when you are talking about the new product

  • During a conversation with your customer/prospect, what questions can you ask to unearth if there is a need for the new product/service

Each of these scenarios get the reps ready in different aspects of selling the new product. Add these assignments at various stages of the new product launch training. Give continuous feedback to help them master selling the new product.

Scenario #3: During a merger or acquisition

Let’s say your company has recently acquired another company in your industry. Or say, your company has been merged with another company. Usually, in this kind of scenarios, there will be a lot of questions, doubts and concerns from the customers. Your sales teams require focused training to efficiently handle customer’s questions. Also, if sales teams of both companies merge, then there is a huge task of training the sales teams to enable them to sell products of either companies successfully.

Here are some situations that sales reps encounter during M&A:

  • Customers ask the sales reps what does the merger mean and how it is going to impact them

  • Account executives need to call up the customers and inform them about the new change

  • Cross-sell the products of the other company

Video coaching helps the sales reps with the right kind of knowledge and confidence to handle these situations.

Time is of the essence with mergers and acquisitions. To make sure your newly combined sales force is message-ready, organize a formal, team wide video-coaching challenge. This lets you test the sales team as a whole to assess if they’ve mastered the material.

Scenario #4: Closing a deal

The toughest part of making a sale is to ask clients for their business. A sales rep needs to be extremely confident while asking a client for business. Video coaching helps the reps in perfecting their approach towards closing a deal.

Below are some effective coaching scenarios that you can give out to your sales teams for practice:

  • Use two different techniques to close

  • A customer has evaluated everything about the product and is confident about it. Now, use the technique of assumptive close in this situation to close the sale.

When it comes to closing a deal, it is all about the rep’s ability to communicate with the client and win their confidence. To make your reps master their closing skills, organize an informal, individual video-coaching challenge. This lets you evaluate each and every reps closing approach and coach them individually.

Adapting your coaching to suit the scenario, will help you and your reps succeed in achieving the sales goals faster.

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Published on Thu Apr 25 2019

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