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Breaking down the impact of sales enablement on your business

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Sales Enablement has become a crucial part of sales in businesses all over the world. Today, sales enablement is considered an up-and-down ride that moves the needle where it matters, driving sales teams to peak performance and customers to brand loyalty.

In fact, according to Aberdeen, the companies that have excellent Sales Enablement programs have:

  • 32% higher team sales quota
  • 24% better individual quota achievement
  • 23% higher lead conversion rate
  • 75% of the companies reported increased sales in just 12 months
  • 59% of the companies exceeded revenue targets

These numbers are just the tip of the iceberg. If we dig deeper and analyze, we will find numerous positive impacts of sales enablement on our business. Clearly, Sales Enablement has a broad and powerful impact on business success.

Impact of sales enablement on the business

1. Increases Business Revenue

The sales enablement team plays an important role in revenue generation. They help in empowering front-line sellers with the right knowledge and skills. Sales team with proper

will have a higher chance of closing deals quickly and efficiently. They will be able to bring in a greater number of deals. This results in increased revenue for the business and makes it easy for the reps to meet their revenue targets.

2. Enhances your Employee Training and Development Initiatives

Companies using traditional training methods spend a lot of time and money training their employees. And yet the employees fail to deliver results. This is because the one or two day training

  • Fails to stick

  • Doesn’t drive knowledge recall amongst the employees

  • It’s not goal-oriented

  • Doesn’t provide continuous learning opportunities

When the sales enablement team is involved in training it helps in,

  • Providing goal-oriented training programs

  • Customizing training and coaching according to the learning needs of the employees

  • Facilitating knowledge recall by reinforcing crucial information from time to time

  • Providing continuous learning opportunities

  • Making the learning process fun, interesting and engaging through games

  • Driving self-motivation amongst employees to learn

This way, sales enablement enhances your training and development initiatives and builds confidence within the sales reps to achieve their desired targets

3. Align Sales and Marketing Teams

Alignment of the sales and marketing team is crucial for an organization’s prosperity. When both of these important customer facing teams join hands, collaborate and work in tandon, it increases the chance of closing more deals.

Sales enablement team plays a key role in facilitating effective coordination between these two teams here. It acts as a glue that binds these two teams and helps them to work in alignment on,

  • Sales process

  • Customer engagement strategy

  • Customer conversion path

This alignment highly benefits the customers as well as the business

4. Improves Customer Engagement

Engaged customers are happy and loyal customers. They are the ones who are most likely to do business with you. One of the best ways to drive effective customer engagement in today’s day and age is through content.

Especially in today’s virtual world, content is considered gold. You would be surprised to know that 80% of the sales process, in today’s world, gets completed even before the customers meet your sales reps.

Customers tend to do thorough research about your offerings, brand and people before getting in touch with you. Even during the sales discussions, they will need content that will help them to make the decision.

Sales enablement comes to the rescue here. They develop content that effectively engages customers at various stages of the sales cycle. This content can then be used by the sales and marketing teams to engage and educate the customers during the buying process. For example,

  • They can post this content on social media to get the prospects interested

  • They will send this content to the marketing campaigns

  • They can send personalized emails to educate the customers about the product and its functionalities

The sales enablement team needs to educate the sales and marketing teams on when and where to use which piece of content.

This way when your people engage with the customers along the way, educate them and inform them about various things, they become engaged with your brand and develop loyalty towards you

5. Reduces Employee Attrition Rate

Sales enablement plays a crucial role in understanding the training needs of the sales team. They help to deliver effective training programs, aided by different enablement tools. This leads to:

  • Sales reps feel more connected to the organisation

  • With constant learning, the sales team is focused towards the growth of their organisation

Working in an organisation where you are valued, this factor eventually drives a person to love the place where she is working so naturally one feels more linked to the organisation and there are less chances for such a team to switch jobs or leave the workplace.

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Published on Mon Apr 26 2021

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