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Contest Names for Manufacturing

5 minutes read

Manufacturing companies have a strong focus on:

  • Producing high-quality products

  • To meet their production targets

What is essential to achieve this?

A highly skilled and motivated workforce that is capable of:

  • Running perfect quality checks on the products

  • Follows health and safety guidelines strictly

  • Follows SOPs perfectly

  • Skillfully uses the tools and machinery

An innovative way to keep the workforce motivated and continuously increase their skills – by running contests at your factory.

Why run a contest?

A contest brings a whole level of excitement into a boring day. It’s not just about getting your workforce engaged. It’s a lot about meeting your business objectives.

A contest always starts with an end goal in mind. Your business objective drives the structure and format of the contest. Your goal could be:

  • Regularly train your workforce

  • H&S drives

  • SOPs

  • Maintenance

  • KPI

Looking for creative manufacturing contest ideas? Read our article on 5 Amazing Contest Ideas for Manufacturing Units.

Once you finalize a contest idea, focus on giving it a catchy name. Here is a list of creative and cool manufacturing contest names you can choose from:

Train your Staff

1. Silver Shield Contest: A quiz contest to regularly reinforce the health and safety guidelines that your workers need to follow on the floor. Conduct this once every 15 days. You can choose to increase the frequency when you are about to have a safety audit.

2. SOP Super Stars: Conduct this quiz contest once every month to improve your workers’ knowledge of SOPs. The top 3 people with the highest score in the quiz get-- an Amazon gift card and a badge that says “SOP Super Star”

3. Equipment Connoisseurs: Conduct this quiz contest once every month. Focus it on improving knowledge of the equipment, tools, and machinery that the workers use every day to do their job.

Contests to Drive KPI

4. Industrial Premier League(IPL): Do you have multiple manufacturing plants across various regions? Run this as a quarterly contest between all the plants and encourage the staff to increase the production volume. Set a target for them to achieve. The first manufacturing plant to achieve the target wins the competition.

5. Marvelous Maintainers: This contest is for your machine service technicians. With a goal to decrease unscheduled downtime. Run this as a yearly contest and reward all the technicians who have consistently done a great job in servicing and maintaining the machinery. Like,

  • Regularly greasing the gears
  • Replacing faulty or worn out parts
  • Timely identification of hazards that might arise from machines
  • And, preventing unexpected machine downtime

6. Win-Win Contest: Because this contest is a win-win for both your customers and your workers. Run this as a quarterly contest between your factories in various regions. Encourage the staff to deliver the best quality products to the customers thereby improving the customer satisfaction rate. The winner will be the factory that has

  • Minimum quality complaints from the customer
  • Minimum rejections and returns of products

7. Innovation Squad: Run this as a yearly contest and reward the workers who come up with new ideas or creative ways of working and improving manufacturing processes. Like,

  • An innovative way to speed-up the production
  • A creative idea that automated quality checking etc

8. < New product name > Super League: Run this contest one or two months before you launch a new product into the market. Motivate your staff to manufacture a certain number of units of the new product by the launch day. Reward everyone who productively works and contributes to this goal.

9. Instant Win: Run this contest every day during the period when you experience a heavy flow of orders. Motivate your staff to speed up the production and finish manufacturing 100 products each day. By the end of each day, reward the teams that achieve the target.

Contests for Quality Assurance

10. Mission: Quality: Run this as a quarterly or yearly contest between all your factories in various regions. Encourage the staff to produce high-quality products. After the end of the contest, reward all the factories whose produced products meet the quality standards (with zero to minimum deviation).

11. QA Rush: Focus this contest around running quality assurance checks on the products. Run this contest every day and encourage each one of your workers to quality check 100 products by the end of the day. Reward everyone who hits this target by the end of the day.

12. The QC Club: Conduct this quiz contest once every month and equip your manufacturing workers with the right knowledge to run perfect quality checks on the products.

Contests to Ensure Health and Safety

13. H&S Drive: Have this as an ongoing, continuous contest. Every three months, reward the workers who strictly adhered to health and safety guidelines and followed them religiously.

Once your contest is set, you need to focus on effectively communicating it to your audience. Follow our sales contest communication template to announce the contest.
Wondering what awards to give to your contest winners? Get creative ideas from our article on creative employee recognition awards.
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Published on Thu Jul 30 2020

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