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Creative Employee Recognition Award Names for Pharma

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Your employees definitely feel good and motivated when they get rewarded for their extraordinary performance at work. But receiving the usual awards like the “Employee of the Month” can be boring for them. What if they get awards that

  • Define their work and achievements?
  • And are also cool enough to show off amongst their peers?

In this blog, we bring to you an extensive list of creative employee recognition award names for the pharmaceutical industry. You can refer to these awards names to make your employee recognition awards fun and interesting for your pharma sales reps.

Awards for The Top Performer

1. Mr./Ms. Extraordinary: Give this award to that rep who has consistently given extraordinary sales performance

2. Valuable Gem Award: Present this award to the rep who has got an extraordinary record of successfully selling various products

3. Major Player Award: Give this award to the rep who has made a significant contribution in promoting a newly launched product

4. Swimmer of Oceans: Give this award to the employees who have the skill of successfully hitting any big sales target

5. Victorious Vaccinators: Give this award to the employees who have sold highest number of vaccines in a quarter

Awards for Hard-Working Employees

6. Beyond Moon: Present this title to the sales rep who always goes above and beyond to pursue a big sales opportunity

7. Moving Things Ahead: Award this to the rep who works hard to move the stagnant leads in the pipeline

Awards for Good Peer-to-peer collaboration and Team-work

8. Major Pharma Contributor: Give this award to the team whose excellent teamwork has brought you mind-blowing sales results

9. Avengers Assemble: Present this award to the squad who is an expert in closing difficult sales

10. Guardians of Pharma: Present this title to that ideal sales team which has set an example for others to follow.

11. Awesome Team Award: Present this title to that ideal sales team which has set an example for others to follow.

Awards for Leadership Roles

12. Leader On The Way: his award goes to the manager whose managerial skills are out of the world

13. The Soul Behind The Victory: Present this award to the manager who has extraordinary leadership skills and operates like a true leader pushing MRs to achieve more.

14. Leader With No Fear: Present this award to the manager who knows how to handle tricky situations and overcome them without fear

15. Pave The Way Award: This award goes to the manager who always sets a good example for his team to follow.

16. The Hard-Working Titan: Present this award to the person who became a manager in a very short period because of their hard work and utmost dedication.

Awards for Good Knowledge and Expertise

17. King Of The Anatomy: Give this award to the MR who possesses a fluent knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

18. The greatest detailer: Give this title to the MR who has exceptional detailing skills

19. Product Specialist: Present this award to the MR who always finds an innovative way to sell a product.

20. Clients most Favorite: Give this award to the MR who has amazing customer problem-solving skills and can sell a product with ease.

Awards for New Hires

21. Amazing MR Of The Month: This award should be presented to the most sincere and hard-working new MR who has grasped a lot of skills quickly during his first month

22. Druggie of the month: Give this title to new MR who has increased the sales across various medical products

23. New Product Conquerer On The Block: Give this award to those new MRs who have mastered the knowledge of various products in a very short span of time.

24. New Deal Closer: Give this to the new MR who has closed a big deal in the first month of his job itself.

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Published on Mon Sep 20 2021

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