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Funny Sales Team Names

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We can all agree that coming up with a perfect sales team name is a bit of a struggle. A sales team consists of various people with different mindsets and preferences. So, coming up with a team name that appeals to everyone in the team is not an easy task. But, a creative, funny, and inspirational name that resonates with the team spirit, never fails to connect with the team members. Once you find a perfect team name, it brings everyone in the team together and instills a great sense of team pride.

If you are looking for such a perfect name for your sales team then look no further. With this blog, we have brought to you an impressive list of cool, funny, and creative sales team names. Check it out below and pick a name that perfectly fits your sales team.

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1. Disco Ninjas: This is the sales team that works hard but parties harder whenever they win.

2. Sell-tacular: Because this team’s selling is spectacular

3. Ding dong machines: “Ding dong” is the sound of the doorbell. This team name is perfect for the sales reps who go from door-to-door to sell.

4. Yewww Crew: “Yeww” is the sound of excitement and joy that people make in the sports stadiums to cheer for their favorite team. So, give this name to the sales team that is known to celebrate their small and big wins. Now, whenever someone from this team wins a deal, everyone else in the team can cheer up for that sales rep by making some noise– “yewwwwwww”

5. Southwest Mighty Ducks: This name is inspired from the 90’s Disney movie– The Mighty Ducks. “Southwest” signifies the territory that the team covers (you can change this according to your team’s territory). This name goes to the most united sales team as the movie has a particular scene where it highlights the theme of unity with the “Ducks Fly Together” speech.

6. The artful dodgers: Escaping or smoothly navigating problems or objections from the clients is their forte

7. Ka-ching: This is the sound that your cash register makes when you make a sale. Give this name to the sales team that makes you hear this sound very often. Meaning– they bring in more sales for you than any other team.

8. The Bromance central: Give this name to an all-boys sales team who have good friendship amongst each other. And, together they achieve great sales results.

9. Cavemen in suits: These guys are the oldest and most experienced sales professionals in your company. They have been working with your company for a very long time (what seems like since the stone age).

10. Game of phones: This name goes to the team that is exceptionally good in cold calling.

11. 403 Access Denied: This name goes to the team who always forget their login passwords.

12. The Great Call of China: This team’s call duration with the prospects is as long as the great wall of china.

13. Sultans of Sales: This is the wealthiest team in your company. They bring in more money for the company and also take more commission than any other team. So, they are the kings and queens of your sales department.

14. Team ABC (Always Be Closing): Give this name to the team that never fails to close deals.

15. Commission Cowboys: This name goes to the team which is always trying to earn some extra commission at every opportunity they get.

16. Geeks r us: This name is for the sales team made up of complete nerds

17. It’s Raining Leads: This team can really bring in a lot of leads for you.

18. 2+2=5: This team can convince leads that anything is possible if they just buy the product that they are selling.

19. Wheeler Dealers: This team is an expert in driving sales deals to success

20. Keep calm and sell on: This is the calm and cool team in the office. Nothing can make them lose their cool.

21. The Brainiacs: The most intelligent team that you will ever come across.

22. Empty Coffee Cups: This team thrives on the office coffee. They can’t get the work done without coffee.

23. The Mighty Morphin Stock Exchangers: This power rangers themed name is suitable for the sales team that sells stocks.

24. Creative Juices: Creativity just flows out of these people like water down the river.

25. Talkaholics: This sales team is seriously addicted to talking to clients. They can talk for hours together with the clients. Usually, clients treat these reps as their friends and their go-to sales reps in the time of need.

26. The Rat Pack: This name is for a professional sales team that’s been working together forever.

27. Hounds in the Pound: This is the sales team that is hungry to earn pounds.

28. Married to Perfectionism: This is a team full of perfectionists. They consider perfectionism as their perfect partner.

29. Kings of Coverage: Their distribution network is vast, and they know how to make big sales from it.

30. B2B Bandits: These guys are the cowboys of selling products to other companies

31. No is not a 4-letter word: The only 4-letter word that this team wants to hear is ‘SELL’

32. $ $ bills y’all: Named after the famous song, every person in this team is capable of bringing in a lot of money for the company and for themselves.

33. Commission: Possible: This team name is a wordplay on the famous film– Mission: Impossible. Give this name to the sales team that is constantly on a mission to earn more and more commission.

34. Crybabies: This team can’t take rejections very well and gets very upset upon hearing “no” from a prospect.

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Published on Sat May 9 2020

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