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Enhancing customer engagement with the help of enablement

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One of the biggest red flags for customer churn is the lack of engagement of your customers with your product and your company. Once your customers start to feel disconnected or disengaged with your brand, it quickly results in them cutting all ties with you. The trick to avoid this is to keep them happy and engaged.

The rule of thumb here is: the better the engagement, the happier the customers are. But how can you drive effective customer engagement at your organization? Your sales enablement team can play a key role here

In this blog, we are going to learn how the sales enablement team can foster a customer engagement and enablement culture by executing strategies that create emotionally engaging relationships that drive customer retention, loyalty, and advocacy

Analyze the buyers’ shift since last year

Businesses and people went through a major shift last year. So it’s quite possible that,

  • The problems that your customers are solving today are not the same as what they were solving a year ago

  • The way they are operating their businesses today is not the same as how they used to do it previously

Ever since the pandemic, priorities, and strategies of businesses across the world changed to a great extent. In a situation like this, one of the biggest mistakes that you can make is to make assumptions about your buyers and their ways of buying.

So the first step that sales enablement professionals should take is to carry out a detailed analysis of the customer base and recognize what has shifted for them and where do they need your help. They need to identify,

  • If the customers’ business priorities have changed
  • If their business strategy has changes
  • How are they carrying out their business activities in this virtual work environment?
  • How did their engagement approach change? 
  • How are they engaging with their staff and customers?
  • What technology are they using to connect with each other? 
  • Where do they need your help and how can you help them be better professionals?

This analysis helps the sales enablement team to strategize the customer engagement in such a way that it suits the customers’ preferences. As a result of this, your brand stands out from your competitors and you will be able to establish a good relationship with your customers

Empower sales and marketing teams to provide the right content at the right time to the customers

Content is the king. This is especially true in today’s virtual world where 80% of the sales process gets completed even before the customer gets in touch with you. Customers in today’s world tend to gather as much information as they can from the internet about your company and your offerings before getting in touch with your sales reps.

So, it’s important that the sales enablement team develops crisp and useful content that maps to various stages of the customer’s journey. The sales and marketing employees can then use this content to effectively educate and engage the customers at various stages of the buying cycle. This way when the customers are empowered with the right information at the right time it becomes easy for them to buy from you.

Enable the reps to understand customers’ pain points and practice empathy in their selling

It is important to recognize that people shift and adapt as they go through major changes in their environments. As many adjusted to a completely virtual work setting within the past year, people have collectively experienced

  • Increased fatigue

  • Personal distractions

  • And constant battles for their time and attention.

The nature of working from home is such that it tends to blend the work-life and personal-life boundaries, which can be taxing on one’s mental well-being.

Therefore, it is important for sales enablement professionals to realize this issue and educate salespeople about it and ways to work around it. They should,

  • Enable the sales reps with the knowledge of customers’ pain points
  • Train and encourage them to practice empathy in their selling
  • Encourage them to be flexible with timings and channels of communication
By demonstrating this empathy, sales reps can not only establish a deeper connection with the customers but also make it easy for them to do business with you.

Get your reps to establish purposeful connections with the customers and become their trusted advisors

Establishing purposeful connections with the customers is extremely important to effectively engage them. Every communication with customers must have an intentional meaning.

Sales reps should be prepared and encouraged to always be ready to get to know their customers at a deeper level. Here are some tips that we suggest to connect with the customers on a deep level:

  • Keep It Real with authentic communication.
  • Stay Relevant by making your company more human, by giving it a persona, and connecting customers with other departments within the company.
  • Be Responsive by answering questions quickly or providing customers with updates about current company news and events.
  • This helps in establishing the sales reps as the trusted advisors of the customers

Educate, entertain and engage the customers

Sales enablement professionals and sales professionals should join hands and adopt a policy called ABC: Always Be Connecting. Through this policy, they can create meaningful communities for their customers.

We have explained two such meaningful community ideas here to help you understand this concept better:

  • Online customer collaboration community: If you think about it, customers probably have the same challenges, issues, and victories — so they can relate to each other. Moreover, customers that have found a way to overcome certain issues can help other customers going through the same.

    This sharing of ideas creates a sense of community and belonging. But this doesn’t mean you create a forum or community and just let it ride on its own. Quite the opposite. It is important you are attentive to what is being said in the community and offer your assistance whenever it makes sense to do so.

    Also, use this customer community to celebrate your company (and customers’) milestones, and to share important information such as product updates, new courses or certifications available on your training program, and other relevant content.

    Fostering an active customer community is an amazing way to drive engagement, inspire loyalty, recognize the human effort behind their success and yours, and get the sense of how your customers feel, and what needs to be improved or reviewed.

  • Online education community: Customer education is key to success in customer relations. Firstly, most — if not all —your customers need training for one reason or another. The main and obvious reason is product training. However, there are other types of training that will help your customers understand your product in-depth, value it more and, ultimately helps them be better at their jobs. These include skills training, certifications, more advanced ways to use your product, and more. Sometimes it’s as simple as your customers actually knowing all your product can do.

    Secondly, it is important for your customers to have a place where they can access information and materials to get their job done effectively at any time.

    An online video training academy will allow you to be available to your customers 24/7, with the information and skills they may need, consistent communication, global reach, and the ability to monitor training in an efficient way. This is perfect for both customer onboarding and continuous engagement.

    If nothing else, you should include user guide type content and a how-to section with the answers to the top questions your customers ask your customer support team (FAQs). This will help your customers feel confident that, regardless of their location, and timezone, they have a place they can refer to if they need help.

Measure engagement but look beyond numbers

Continuously monitoring the success of customer engagements is a crucial step for sales enablement professionals to assess what is working and iterate as needed.

To know if the customer engagement strategy has been successful, they need to measure,
  • Number of customers who are satisfied and happy with your services
  • Number of customers who actively engage with your customer-facing teams and have a friendly relation with them
  • Number of customers who are loyal towards your company and advocate it

While closely analyzing these metrics is essential, it is important to go beyond these numbers and deeply listen to your customers’ feedback.

A smart way to do this is to conduct customer surveys to accurately understand if your customers are getting the help that they want and need. Aside from asking about their overall satisfaction levels, make sure to ask questions regarding their engagement preferences, for example:

  • What is your favorite type of engagement?
  • What is your least favorite type of engagement?
  • How can we be better in engaging with you?
After gathering these responses, enablement professionals need to take it one step further to implement the feedback. It’s not about having feedback, it’s about whether you can act on that feedback and respond back to the customer.

Being responsive and action-oriented lets customers know that the company is responsive to their needs and has their best interests at heart. This results in them feeling more valued and excited to form a deeper connection to the company in the long run.

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