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How Sales Enablement Helps in Transforming New Product Launch?

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There are a lot of moving parts when preparing for an upcoming new product launch. Sales enablement plays a crucial role in bringing all these parts together and ensuring a successful product launch.

In this blog, you will learn how the sales enablement team can transform the new product launches by ensuring that,

  • The sales reps have a proficient new product knowledge

  • They have good selling skills that they need to tackle any and every customer conversation

  • They have access to the right content, at the right time, right at their fingertips

  • There is collaboration across various functions so that product launch is done seamlessly

1. Organize a pre-launch event and set the stage right

Pre-launch events are a crucial part of the new product launches. They help in bringing everyone together and create the excitement around the new product.

Organize a launch event (virtual or in-person) and bring all the teams involved in the new product launch together. Like,

  • Sales

  • Marketing

  • Finance

  • Product management

  • Operations

  • Customer service

Utilize this event to clearly explain to everyone,

  • The main objective of the product launch
  • What the company is trying to achieve through this product launch
  • The market share that you are trying to capture
  • How is it going to benefit the overall company’s progress
  • How each department needs to contribute towards the ultimate goal
  • What is in it for each one of them

Make sure that you take this event as an opportunity to answer your people’s questions or concerns with patience.

This helps in creating transparency in the organization and makes everyone realize their responsibilities in making the product launch a success.

2. Conduct a 360-degree new product training

Usually, a new product training lays emphasis on arming the sales reps with information on the new product, its features and its benefits.

But in order to truly empower your reps to create an impact in the market, you need to incorporate the following in your new product training,

  • Get the sales reps familiar with the industry and market landscape with respect to the new product
  • Get them familiar with the customers’ personas, their industries and their world
  • Equip them with good conversational skills that will help them in tackling any sales scenario
  • Train them on sales strategies or methodologies or approaches that they need to use to successfully sell the new product

All these put together make for a complete 360-degree new product training

3. Provide the right content at the right time

In order to enable your reps to sell the new product successfully, you need to equip them with the right content, at the right time. They need to have various study materials and resources on the new product right at their fingertips. Like, the new product playbooks, toolkits, whitepapers, etc

Here is how to ensure this,

  • Create a digital knowledge hub and upload the study material for your reps in a timely manner. This helps them to access any piece of content that they need within no time, through their mobile devices.
  • Send short bytes of knowledge reinforcements to them on a regular basis on the crucial information related to the new product
  • Make sure that each and every piece of content created by the marketing team flows into the sales team.

This way you will be able to equip your sales team with all the useful content, right when they need it.

4. Establish collaboration between sales and various departments involved in the new product launch

When launching a new product it is of utmost importance that there is a strong connection and collaboration between various departments that are directly involved in the new product launch.

Here are various teams that the sales team needs to collaborate with in order to streamline the new product launch:

  • Sales and marketing: There needs to be a solid collaboration between the sales and marketing teams. The information flow should be seamless between these two departments. The sales team needs to be aware of each and every marketing content including marketing campaigns, social media posts, advertisements, etc that the marketing team sends out to the customers. And, the marketing team needs to know the key messaging and promises that sales reps deliver to the customers. This collaboration helps in establishing uniformity in messaging. And this, in turn, results in smooth and successful sales.

  • Sales and customer service: Sales and customer service also need to collaborate on a regular basis to discuss,

    • Common issues of the new product

    • Common complaints received from the customers

    • Basic troubleshooting

    • Refund policies, etc.

    This way when these two teams that are mainly responsible for serving the customers come together and work together, it helps in enhancing the customers’ experience

  • Sales and Business management: It’s crucial that your sales team doesn’t think only in terms of sales targets but also considers the revenue targets. Here is the reason why: let’s say that your sales team has a target to make $10 million and they bring in deals worth $10 million. But this results in a revenue of just $5 million for your company. In order to avoid this kind of discrepancy, the sales and the business management teams need to be in collaboration with each other.

  • Sales and product development/ management: Collaboration between these two teams ensures that the sales team is aware of the changes or improvements done by the product development team to the new product in the due course.

5. Track crucial metrics and course correct

As the old saying goes “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it”. So, make sure that you keep a track of the important metrics of your new product launch initiative.

Regularly measure your employees’ new product knowledge, selling skills, and sales performance. Track all the crucial metrics, identify shortcomings if any, and course-correct things if required.

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Published on Mon Apr 26 2021

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