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77% of the learning is forgotten within 6 days if it’s not reinforced When it comes to retaining information in the memory, our brain has a strict use it or lose it policy. So, it’s natural for your r read more
Welcome to the second part of the “Learning Disrupted” blog series where we discuss How corporate learning has been disrupted after the onset of COVID And, what measures can we take now to efficiently read more
Jim is an L&D manager at a large pharmaceutical company. His company has recently adopted virtual training because of the remote work scenario. Two weeks ago, Jim conducted a two-day new product virtu read more
Out of sight is too often out of mind - this can easily happen when training remotely. In a live training, you mostly have a captive audience. But in a virtual training session or webinar, it’s easier read more
Since 2005, the number of people working remotely has increased by 159%. And, this number is only going to increase further in the coming years. With such a large population moving to remote work, com read more
Consider this scenario: You are about to enter the second quarter (Q2) in the year and you have big plans for this quarter. You are going to launch some new products which are going to give you a huge read more
Over the past few years, remote working has grown in popularity. Many companies have started to hire remote workers in huge numbers. Here is some research data from Gartner to consider: By 2030, the read more
The central concern of all the hospitals and healthcare centers across the U.S right now is to prepare their facility and staff for the possible arrival of patients with Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVI read more
“Customer service is a hard job and anyone who says differently has never done it.” Having said that: Do you ever motivate your customer service reps to give their best at their job? This should not b read more
As a manager of the customer support department or call center, you face one of the biggest challenges out there. To keep your team motivated despite the heavy volume, disgruntled customers, and extre read more