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March is here. This means that we are approaching the end of the first quarter. I’m sure you have set some quarterly sales targets for your reps to achieve in this first quarter. By organizing some in read more
As a sales executive, you must be aware of the importance of sales compensation and the impact that it exerts on your salesforce. When you build an effective sales compensation plan, it helps in, Mot read more
Organizations spend 10-15% of their revenue on commissions. So, surely sales commissions are one of the most important investments that companies make. But lets us be honest, using spreadsheets for ca read more
What is Sales Commission? Sales commission is a key aspect of sales compensation that an organization gives to its sales reps. It’s the amount of money that the salespeople earn based on the num read more
If we look back and analyze human history we will notice that we have developed a habit of promoting top performers everywhere. Like, The best soldiers were promoted to captains, The best athletes pr read more
Want to improve the sales performance of your sales staff at your credit union? Organizing some amazing sales contests is the best way to get your reps to give their best at work. Click here to get so read more
A sales compensation strategy is the backbone of employee motivation in any organization. However, while crafting a compensation strategy, most organizations ignore the psychological aspects that can read more
Looking for ways to motivate your sales staff to meet some crucial sales goals in the month of March? One best way to get your team going is by organizing a March Madness-themed sales tournament on yo read more
The first quarter of a year is very crucial for any business. Because a successful first quarter sets a good precedence for the upcoming quarters of a financial year. To ensure that your first quarter read more
2 MINUTES. That is all you get on a cold call. And that too if it’s your lucky day. Otherwise, the call could be shorter than that. As an SDR, you have got the responsibility to nail this first call w read more