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Nothing boosts your sales team’s energy and excitement as much as a good incentive. Most salespeople are born competitors. Adding a compelling reward to the mix fires up their competitive spirit and m read more
The reality of today’s sales industry is that– work-from-home and remote selling go hand in hand. With face-to-face customer interactions becoming rare, is your sales team geared up to sell effi read more
PowerPoint Presentation: A thing of the past Don’t get this wrong. Microsoft power-point is undoubtedly the most powerful tool to present information in many creative ways. It’s been around since 1987 read more
Being in sales in the senior care industry is different. It’s a job that requires salespeople to be helping, caring, and empathetic while selling. The onset of this pandemic has opened a new set of ch read more
Consider this scenario: You are just a few days away from entering into a new quarter. You have got big plans for the upcoming quarter. You have launched a new product line and want your sales reps to read more
Credit card sales is tough. It involves a lot of: Cold calling Rejections Verifying documents Processing applications Supporting customers with their credit card related queries You need to mak read more
Thanks to the power of telecom companies around the world, the whole world fits into our hands today. With a device connected to cellular network and internet connection– we can communicate with read more
I’m sure you will agree with me on this: It’s the dream of every manager and her team members to have an awesome team name for themselves. Why? A cool, creative and catchy workplace team name Instill read more
A day in the life of a medical sales representative can be long and challenging. But also incredibly rewarding. It takes a great deal of effort from salespeople to: Book meetings with the HCPs Cope read more
Manufacturing companies have a strong focus on: Producing high-quality products To meet their production targets What is essential to achieve this? A highly skilled and motivated workforce that is read more